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What kind of engine it comes with?

By: ishika on 2015-09-04

14 Answers:

Hello Ishika

This model is available in eight trims. Among these, four are equipped with a V8 engine that has a displacement value of 5998cc, while the other four have a W12 engine that gives a displacement capacity of 3993cc. Of the W12 engine variants, the first two, the GT speed and the GT speed convertible, produce a maximum torque of 820Nm and maximum power of 626bhp. The next two variants, the GT and the GT convertible, bring the torque to a maximum of 720Nm and, and the power to 582bhp. Coming to the V8 engine trims, the first two variants, the GT V8 S and the GT V8 S convertible deliver 680Nm and 521bhp. The remaining two, the GT V8 and the GT V8 convertible, manage a torque of 660Nm and a power of 500bhp. As for the performance, the W12 engine trims gun this car to its best performance. All these power mills are attached to a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal    2015-09-04

The speed of the car is excellent and it is also having a high configuration engine. I have no idea about the engines and other technological facts about the cars, but among the four cars, I owned, this one is having the best speed and pick up. This car is best for a long drive with the family. My family and friends is already a fan of this model of Bentley.

Ashish    2015-29-04

This one is my second car, but I have driven many more cars out of passion. This car gave me the best experience although. The speed of the car is perfect and the car is having high pick up service. The mileage of the car is also the best and that made the car a favourite one for me among all the cars, I drove. You are right about the long drive, as this one is perfect for that.

Anirudh    2015-30-04

Bentley Continental GT has been powered by a 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 arrangement engine. This engine is capable of producing maximum of 567bhp at the rate of 6000 rpm with producing 700Nm of maximum torque at the rate of 1700 rpm. The engine has been paired with an 8-speed ZF transmission along with steering column increased gearshift paddles. The car has 314 km/hr of top speed and maintains the capacity to the 0-100 km/hr speed in just 4.7 seconds.

Puneet    2015-10-05

Bentley Continental GT is powered by a 6.0-litre dual-turbocharged W12, gasoline engine that outputs a towering power of 567 bhp at 6000 RPM along with pinnacle torque of 700 Nm at 1700 RPM. The engine is coordinated to a eight speed automatic gearbox that sends drive capacity to all four wheels. Bentley Continental GT’s performing and powerful engine allows vehicle to run from zero to 100 kmph within 4.6 seconds and strike high speed of 318 kmph.

Harkirat    2015-21-06

Bentley continental Gt is having a super power engine of 6.0L twin-turbocharged w12 engine with a displacement of 5988 cc which churns out a power of 575 BHP along with 700 Nm torque with a compression ratio of 9. The engine has been installed longitudinally at front. The engine is based on BSIV g/km emission norms. The car has been said to be having a mileage of 5.3 km/liter in the city and a mileage of 8.6 km/liter.

Afzal    2015-06-08

I am agreeing with the above statement, The Bentley Continental GT is having a W12 configuration with a 5998 cc engine which is capable of generating a power of 575 @ 6000 RPM and 700 Nm @ 1700 RPM, which is one engine of its kind. The engine has been fitted with an 8-speed ZF transmission with steering column mounted paddles. The combination works well and able to achieve a top speed of 314 KMPL and generates an awesome capability of 0-100 KMPL speed mark in just 4.7 seconds.

Sumit    2015-08-08

I am also agreeing with the engine capacity and the performance of the Bentley continental GT’s performance, it has a top speed of 314 KMPL along with and it is really capable to achieve a speed of 100 plus within 5 seconds and that is really impressive and exceptional. The car is having a very good mileage of 10 KMPL with all-wheel drive. The 8 speed AMT transmission is really impressive and performance delivering.

Taheem    2015-10-08

The Bentley continental GT is having a very capable engine which is capable to be routed at the roads with a roaring sound and awesome impression. The Bentley Continental Gt has been equipped with a 6.5 Liter engine column at the front which is very speedy and performing. The front deck is fully packed with very efficient engine which is having a 12 cylinder engine accumulating a 48-valve in total. I have driven it up to 340 KMPL and still there was a scope.

Vinod    2015-12-08

I am agree too, The engine is very capacitive, you can’t ride it with all the accelerator, either you will find it hard to look for a road where you can ride it at maximum speed, at least in India it is very hard to find such a road. I have got a chance to drive my 6.5 L engine with 575 cc along with 700 Nm Torque engine over the Yamuna expressway and it took almost 1.5 Hours to reach over there, where shatabdi express takes two hours to reach which is the fastest train in India.

Rohit    2015-14-08

I am agreeing too, I am in Mumbai and even on highways you won’t get a chance to drive the car at greater speed. The vehicle with such speedy that it takes 4-5 seconds to go beyond the speed of 100 KMPL. While going to Lonavala I have driven it to a speed of 300+ for couple of seconds, but as per the above review the Indian roads are not suitable to go beyond the speed of 200+ even on the best roads of India. The traffic conditions are not suitable for India.

Devyansh    2015-16-08

Bentley Continental GT is one of the most luxurious coupe model across the Globe. Not only the passenger cabin, but the engine of Bentley Continental GT is also very powerful and advanced. It comes equipped with the 4.0 Liter, 3993cc, petrol engine which generates 567 bhp of maximum power with 699 Nm of maximum torque which ensures excellent pick up and acceleration to take the car above 100 kmph speed in just 4 seconds.

Ardhayan    2015-12-09

To tackle this trivial aspect, Bentley Continental GT is gifted with a Twin Turbo Charged W12 engine. The whopping 6 litre engine is big enough to accommodate impressive output of 567 bhp at 6000 rpm and at the same time efficient enough to not burn the fuel like wild fire. The torque generated by the engine reaches a peak of 700 Nm at 1700 rpm. The eight speed automatic transmission clearly explains why there is nothing close to a true Bentley.

Chirag    2015-14-10

The Bentley is equipped with a V8 engine designed in-house by Bentley engineers. The torque produced by this engine is around 800 Nm with 600 bhp. It is quite powerful to cruise at speeds in excess of 120 km/hr on Indian roads. The car is also equipped with safety features to bring it to a stop in case of emergencies.

sanjay parkash    2015-30-10

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