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Bentley Continental GTC Key Features

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  • World-class interior craftsmanship
  • Hugely powerful engines
  • Excellent driving dynamics


  • High cost of maintenance
  • Cramped rear seating
  • Sluggish infotainment system
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Bentley Continental GTC Reviews (19)

Its not a sedan, it’s a super sedan

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Shailendra Singh Shekhawat on 17 September 2015
One of my uncle owns this car. Its passenger cabin is ultra luxurious with loads of advanced features for comfort, luxury and entertainment. The engine of the car is also very powerful and within 6 seconds it can reach 0 – 100 kmph speed.  Read More »

Best Car

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Charu Yadav on 03 November 2015
The dashboard is spacious and designed elegantly. It has Air Conditioner which has a cooling effect with four AC vents. There is an elegant looking console with lot of switches. The steering wheel is three spoke which has electric power. The interiors are spacious with a lot of leg and head space.  Read More »

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Bentley Continental GTC Overview

Bentley as a name and a brand has seen enough crests and troughs throughout its tenure in the automobile industry. But the car is still growing strong and with every new launch of a vehicle, its loyal customers are eventually finding their way back to the remarkable manufacturer. The interesting thing about Bentley is that right from the era of Super Six, the car has been producing some of the best performers in the industry. Finding the perfect mix between performance and luxury is the real secret of Bentley.

The vehicle manages to give out the best in terms of mileage and CO2 emissions by taking the luxury car industry into consideration. Though a lot of innovation is taking place, the implementation of the same in the luxury car segment is rather hard to achieve considering the vast gap between performance and comfort in these segments. Even a single discrepancy would not be acceptable in a car of the stature as that of Bentley. Yet, taking the heritage of Bentley Continental GT, the Bentley Continental GT Convertible offers one of the best convertibles in the market right now.

Bentley Continental GTC Exterior

The front fascia of the vehicle comes with striking appeal which resonates the elegance of a true Bentley. The front offers the signature Bentley grill with the logo with wings shining right on top of it. The innovative headlamps add on to the aesthetic maturity of the vehicle. The bonnet is rather swift with no major curves. In fact the entire body is offered with curves that are just apt, it neither over does it nor undermines their presence.

The top view of the vehicle too offers no significant curves along the mid section or the wheel arches section in front and rear. This shows the firm design policy of Bentley. Without much to do in terms of roof, the car conceals the retracted roof perfectly behind the rear seats. The side profile offers swift curves here and there to keep the aerodynamics alive but as a whole, the vehicle is definitely heavy. The rear section offers a design completion of two lines forming an embossed plateau layer that starts from the front fascia starting at the front grille and ends at the rear boot door.

Bentley Continental GTC Interior

The interiors of Bentley Continental GT Convertible are completely similar to the Bentley Continental GT with the only difference existing in terms of the water resistance seating. Sure they can not be expected to be good despite drowning but a few drops here and there would not impact the leather seating as much as it does usually. The key asset to the vehicle lies in the four seater capability that does not rely on doors due to its convertible stature. However the spacing is a let down for the rear passengers. Unless the passengers are kids, the rear seating can prove to be quite impossible for adults to travel in comfortably over long routes. For luggage the space remains apt. The best in class music system, beige colour compaction, armrests and cup holders, sporty front row seats and the leather coated steering which also sports impressive grip makes the vehicle a definitive hit in terms of interior elegance. The main asset of the vehicle however is its air conditioning system which works miraculously good despite the added hood. The leaks are minimised making the vehicle seem like a complete sedan when the roof is on.

Bentley Continental GTC Engine & Transmission

Bentley Continental GTC shares similar mechanical structure as its sibling Bentley Continental GT. The GTC comes with a 6 litre w12 engine which is capable of producing maximum outputs as high as 567 bhp while the torque reaches peaks of 700 Nm at merely 1700 rpm. The vehicle is complaint to the Euro 5 norms and with its 5998cc capacity, it manages to bring out the best from the convertible. The GTC comes with a continuous all wheel drive and a ZF 8 speed automatic transmission with steering column mounted paddle shift.

Bentley Continental GTC Mileage

The average of the Bentley Continental GTC is significantly low on city roads at a mere 5 kmpl while the same on highways reaches 9.8 kmpl. The vehicle generates a combined 347 gms CO2 emission for every km.

Bentley Continental GTC Braking and Safety

Many cars attempt to make a great exterior and succeed in offering great interior, however when it comes to preservation of the apparent scenic beauty, they tend to fail. This is no curse but a rather simple issue of precision and design tradition. Bentley is one of the few company’s which never offers anything that does not work. If the company is producing a vehicle, chances are it stands out not just in terms of looks but also in terms of preserving them. The Bentley Continental GTC is offered with strong exteriors which are capable of withstanding most of the collision impacts to a level so as to not hurt the passengers and riders. The car comes with Ventlilated Disc brakes in both front and back sections. With air springs handling the continuous damping for shock absorbers, the Convertible stands strong enough to ride for miles without breaking a sweat. Other than these, in terms of safety, the Bentley Continental GTC also packs ABS, EBD, brake assist, airbags for the front and rear passengers.

Bentley Continental GTC Performance and Handling

The Continental GT Convertible is designed to woo the rider with not just an amazing girth but also an equally fulfilling performance. The W12 engine is designed to produce a maximum output of 567 bhp and the torque reaches peaks of 700 Nm from 1700 rpm. Despite these already impressive numbers, pick up is the area where the Continental GT Convertible really steals the gazes. Reaching the 100 kmph mark in mere 4.4 seconds and hitting a top speed of a reported 195 kmph, the car is in no way an ordinary affair and comes with the best in class handling. Despite the speeds at which the car goes, the electronic steering wheel does not let the driver feel hostile inside. Despite the peaks of speed, the interiors feel safe and calm such is the mechanical prowess of Bentley.

What do we think about Bentley Continental GTC?

If you are planning on owning a Bentley and always longed for a Convertible, it can not get better than the Bentley Continental GT Convertible. The power, the comfort, the looks, you will be getting a complete package from a company that has been on the forefront of design and innovation for decades now.

Bentley Continental GTC Competitors

Bentley Continental GT Convertible competes straight on with Maserati Gran Turismo, BMW Z4 to name a few. While each of these have their own pros and cons, it’s the legendary Bentley that seems a clear winner just for the sheer history behind it.

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