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Why should i buy BMW 1 series?

By: Diwakar on 4 june 2014

9 Answers:

BMW 1 series hatchback is the most re-finest and may be the cheapest car from BMW and it would not be a wrong phrase if we say that BMW 1 series is the shortcut to get the driving pleasure of premium cars. This BMW 1 series updated model cabin have bigger door pockets and compartments to store more small goods and accessories. If you ignore the low rear vision point then this BMW 1 series have the best in class components and features which is almost impossible to find with this same price tag where driving BMW 1 series is also an style statement.Lastly this car suits almost all type of generations and their styles.

Sonal Gupta    2014-06-04

BMW 1 Series has to be the first priority for those who want to get luxury at reasonable cost. BMW 1 Series also fits perfect on Indian road condition because suspension system, is very well selected and ground clearance is also good where big wheels provides extra helping hand in tackling Indian road conditions. The performance is decent and fuel economy is acceptable while cabin is well designed and equipped with gadgets which helps driver to drive effectively and efficiently.

Telly   2015-01-11

BMW 1 Series 116i is a must buy for the high end security features it offers. The advanced safety features offered by this car are infixed anti-lock-braking system, EBS, dynamic traction and stability control, EBD, crash sensor, airbags, electronic vehicle immobiliser, ventilated disc brakes and many more. The overall ride quality and mileage of the car is impressive. It is a highly recommended hatchback at such an affordable price tag.

Harpreet   2015-06-01

For a middle class family owning a luxury car was a dream until BMW launched its BMW 1 series hatchback. It is common man friendly car who desires luxury at affordable price. It is a premium car with a lot of features. Now you won’t have to shell out thousands of lakhs to afford high end luxury car. The best part about this car is that it is suitable for Indian roads. It runs very smoothly on bumpy roads.

Kalish   2015-06-05

Due to traffic on city roads, most of the cars give low mileage and performance but this is not so in case BMW 1 Series 116i. It offers decent performance and fuel economy. The car speeds up from 0 to 100 kmph within 8.7 seconds. It provides extraordinary ride quality which sets it at par from its rivals available at same price bracket. All in all, it is a luxury every car lover can afford.

Shushi   2015-06-08

BMW 1 series hatchback is the cheapest car from well known car brand BMW. Over the years BMW has built a name for itself. It delivers top performance giving cars. People have liked the BMW range of cars all these years. BMW 1 series makes up for the affordable style statement. The infotainment system offered by it includes MP3 decoder, gets rear park distance control, CD drive and two-line display.

Manreet   2015-06-12

The first and foremost reason for buying the BMW series 1 is the price. This model is undoubtedly the cheapest car from the BMW family. So if you have always dreamt of owning a BMW, this is a car meant exclusively for you. The car is extremely stylish to look at and has distinct features that are likely to make your drive enjoyable. Almost every generation can opt for this car as the car fits the bill for one and all. The car is comfortable and spacious. The engine is reliable and performance is good. This car is good enough for self drive as well as to simply sit back and relax while being driven around by someone else.

Manish   2015-06-18

If you want a good looking car that is equally good in terms of performance and driving experience, then the BMW series 1 is the ideal car for you. Coming from a reputed name like BMW, this car is built with an acute eye that ensures that you get nothing but the best. The engineers at BMW have infused great looks with great technology. The car is built keeping the Indian roads in mind. The big wheels and suspension system helps one to drive smoothly on rough roads as well. The car is well equipped with interesting gadgets. The mileage is good and the performance is decent enough.

Raghav   2015-06-19

The BMW series 1 is an extremely good looking car that has equally good features and good performance records that speak volumes about its reliability. One should buy this car because of its price namely. Being a BMW, one usually expects it to be quite expensive. But the series 1 is one of the most economical cars from BMW. It is spacious enough for a small family yet compact enough to be parked anywhere at ease. The powerful engine, good suspension system and big wheels allow a smooth drive at all times. The company offers many vibrant colors for the BMW series 1 that one can choose from. The cool gadgets and distinct features of the car make it a hit in the auto market.

Shubham   2015-06-20

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