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How good is BMW 3 Series?

By: Kapil on 2014-16-07

7 Answers:

To make BMW 3 Series almost flawless BMW engineers installed 2.0-litre 184bhp 16V Diesel Engine (petrol motor option is also available) which have some highlight performance parameters like 184bhp@4000rpm of maximum power where 380Nm@1750-2750rpm of maximum torque with engine displacement of 1995. This BMW 3 Series is also going to be young minds favorite because BMW 3 Series can run up-to maximum speed of 235km/hr. The best par BMW engineers was able to train engine to run from standing still i.e. from 0 km/hr to 100km/hr in just 7.9 seconds where rear wheel drive technology makes sure that car want get out of control at tight turns and especially at slippery roads. . 

Sonal Gupta     2014-16-07

My experience as a long time car enthusiast and a impulsive mechanic have made me believe that the 3 series is truly god's machine available at mortal man prices. I have seen these babies be as reliable as my other love, a maruti, and have the right amount of spurt to burst through indian roads. Its just the right amount of power, performance and the people factor which makes it a no brainer buy. The interiors are nice and I find it a bit quicker than the Audi when it comes to jumping off the reds at the street lights

Jogender    2014-21-08

I have always loved BMW for its performance and handling. BMW 320d Sport Line is an amazing car to drive. It has a lot to offer. Every customer demands more than expectation. It is indeed a delight. It speeds up from 0 to 100 within just 7.6 seconds to attain a top speed of 235 kmph. Drivers can drive the car in four different modes making the drive a pleasurable experience.

Tushar    2015-03-06

BMW is not just a name, it is a brand. Moreover, it is not just an ordinary brand. The BMW 3 Series car is one of the favourite of youngsters. The performance of the car is outstanding. Youngsters like to drive fast cars. Engineers of BMW 3 series have made sure that even if the driver drives fast it is safe. It is well equipped with high end safety features.

Umesh    2015-03-06

Whenever anybody wants to buy a car, there are many questions which follow. Price is also an important consideration. BMW 3 Series car is a good buy if you consider its interiors, mileage, safety and handling. It has impressive looks and smooth comfortable interiors. The car is fully loaded with classy interior equipments. Though chrome finishing is absent on the exteriors but it can be seen inside the car. This makes the car elegant.

nikunj    2015-08-06

A car should not only be safe for driver but also for passengers. BMW 3 Series is a good buy for the braking and safety features it offers. This helps in safe and smooth drive. The braking system consists of cornering brake control, anti-lock braking system, dynamic traction control and dynamic stability control. I love to drive my car in plains and terrains alike. It is indeed a great value for money.

Amit    2015-09-06

I have always loved comfortable and stylish cars. I have set a few parameters for rating and reviewing a car with space, comfort and safety on top of the list. BMW 3 Series car has spacious chrome finished cabin which is very appealing to the eyes. The armrests are provided with compartments for storage. The safety features like EBD, child lock, ISOFIX child seat mounting, crash sensor and side impact protection makes it a valuable buy.

Varinder    2015-11-06

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