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What all features does BMW 3-series offer?

By: Vadali on 5 february 2015

7 Answers:

I would say that it is 3-series GT also may be based on 1-series, but more space inside there is in it than a regular 3-series saloon. The drastic expansion of interiors could been achieved by stretching wheelbase along with by raising its roofline. The ride height of the car has also been increased, so when you try to open its frame-less doors, it's a much lesser drop into the seats than a regular 3-series. there is a i-Drive screen. Also you can find glovebox and big door pockets. And the storage box between the seats is small. So all in all it is a multipurpose car of luxury.

TeamAutoportal   2015-02-05

It boasts of the TwinPower Tourbo engine with variable sports steering for the ultimate drive. It has the ECO PRO Mode and Brake Energy regeneration system which helps save fuel and energy. iDrive, BMW Apps, PlugIn, Bluetooth Office and navigation system are part of its infotainment system. Apart from this the safety features of the 3 series range from ABS to side impact protection, emergency spare wheel, crash sensors, intelligent maintenance system etc.

Versha   2015-02-18

BMW 3-Series offers many exclusive features in comparison with the regular 3-series cars. It offers superb safety features, TwinPower Turbo engine, Brake Energy regeneration, amazing expansion of interiors, crash sensors, glovebox, and many other additional features. The maintenance system is also very improved so it can be said as an ideal choice if you are planning to buy any car of BMW series. With this car, you can experience the ultimate pleasure of driving.  

Sambhav   2015-03-08

The features of the BMW 1 series can be found in the 3 series too. The additional features make it even better than the 3 series saloon. The roofline is heightened making it best for even the taller people. The wheelbase is also stretched. The doors are frameless, and the ride height too can be increased. The iDrive feature is also great, and the screen is present in the front.

Rahul   2015-06-24

This is a multipurpose luxury car, and there are lots of features that make the room great. The car has lots of space inside, and the glove box and the bigger pockets make the car luxurious. The interiors are much expanded compared with the 1 series GT and the wheelbase are stretched. You can have the iDrive feature that lets you enjoy the drive with ample of info on your hands.

Guthi   2015-06-25

The BMW 3 series has a turbo engine of twin power and this is why it has the ultimate driving feature. The car has luxurious interior features, and it has the ECO PRO mode, and the brake energy regeneration system too. The car has lots of safety features, like ABS, emergency spare wheel, crash sensors, intelligent maintenance system and lots more, to make your journey comfortable. The iDrive also is present.

Siddhath   2015-06-27

All the high-class features present in the 3 series car can be found in the BMW 3 series too. The car boasts to be the ultimate driving machine with the TwinPower turbo engine, brake energy regeneration, expanded interiors, glove box, crash sensors, and lots of other safety features like the ABS. If you are looking for a perfect BMW car, then the 3 series should be your choice.

Abhinav   2015-06-29

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