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BMW 3-Series Reviews

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73 BMW 3-Series User Reviews

Worst experience

Overall rating: 2.75 Reviewed By: Rupesh on 2 september 2018
Its very surprising that BMW manufactures their product after tremendous research.But,its wind shield cracks by a little pull and hit by wiper. Within a span of five months with this car,it happened twice. Even I had long discussion with bmw group also, but its like that only. They adamant that...  Read More »

Passenger Seat Exprince

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Rachit on 10 june 2016
Last weekend it was too late and i know i would hardly get any auto to home as my boss knows so he offered me to come with him and without any wasting my time i said yes and i sit with my boss in front seat. The seats of BMW 3 series was superb comfortable i was almost about to sleep when i first...  Read More »

Amazing Sedan

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Yashpal on 10 june 2016
BMW 3 Series is car which everyone would love to drive because of its unique character of comfort. From the day i bough BMW 3 Series i always find reasons to drive it because their are many buttons on the central console which are designed to provide me maximum comfort and allows to achieve full ...  Read More »

BMW Sedan

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Sahil on 10 june 2016
Greater car of the great people. I always dreamt of taking BMW. When I was suggested by this one it sounded a bit reasonable to me as per the trend . Also the car had all the luxurious features to sport. There was the fuel economy which made me satisfied by my choice. The first trip that made me ...  Read More »

comfortable And Stylish Sedan

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Dev on 10 june 2016
my vehicle is the most affordable luxury sedan with all the features a person wants in his vehicle. The looks of the car are very good, the aerodynamic built of the vehicle lowers the drag and resistance offered by the air by a considerable amount. Another great aspect is the 8 gear automatic tra...  Read More »

dream Car

Overall rating: 4.25 Reviewed By: Robin on 10 june 2016
BMW car is not less than a dream and I am happy that I have bought this dream car last year. Well, I am getting what I wished for this car. My all expectations with this car are really fulfilled as it delivers me optimum performance with easy handling. Whenever I have planned to go for the long d...  Read More »

Nice Car

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Lalit on 10 june 2016
BMW 3-Series delivers optimum performance on long drives and I also experienced the same. The easy handling feature makes it an ideal choice for long journeys. As I belong to the area where road are quite rough and I regularly need to travel more so I was searching for the car that delivers good ...  Read More »

Sporty Car

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Paramjeet on 10 june 2016
My brother is a huge fan of sports cars like Piyush. My parents bought this car for both of us because it fulfils both the requirements. There are four driving modes provided namely Sport, Sport+, ECOPRO and Comfort. Just like Priyanka, mileage is important for me because excellent mileage gives ...  Read More »

Powerful car

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Harshit on 10 june 2016
BMW series 3 and consider this car being my best purchase ever. It is the ultimate driving machine that is absolutely value for money. The car has an extremely classy look that makes the owner feel proud of the vehicle. The interiors have a fine polished look and comfort feel. The one thing that ...  Read More »

Not upto the Mark

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: Siddhant Mund on 30 october 2015
There are a lot of safety features in the car and I feel very safe in the car instead of the fact that a lot of people have told me my driving is pretty rash. I feel comfortable and safe in the car at all times even at high speeds.  Read More »
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