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Which is the best variant option for BMW 5 Series?

By: Jaydev on 2014-14-08

7 Answers:

BMW 5 Series comes with total of 4 variant options which includes BMW 520D Luxury Line,520D Modern Line,525D Luxury Line and BMW 530D M Sport where BMW 520D Luxury Line owns the low variant crown and BMW 530D M Sport own the high variant crown. This is not possible to say that which is the best variant option for BMW 5 series because very variant have its positive and negative aspects but their is a twist the top variant i.e. BMW 530D M Sport shows maximum fuel economy and low variant i.e. BMW 520D Luxury Line shows minimum fuel economy this shows the engineering skills of BMW engineers.

Sonal Gupta     2014-14-08

BMW 5-Series is available in four variants, namely:
• BMW 5-Series 520D Modern Line,
• BMW 5-Series 520D Luxury Line,
• BMW 5-Series 525D Luxury Line and
• BMW 5-Series 530D M Sport
It is hard to answer which variant is best under BMW 5 Series segment as every variant has something good or bad. You should choose as per your needs. In terms of fuel efficiency, BMW 5-Series 530D M Sport will be an ideal option. 

Baldev    2014-13-11

5-series has been a successful model so far, almost we can see 4 variants of the same model that is running over the roads right now, and other 6 variants have been discontinued already. The models available for purchase right now are BMW 5-Series 520d modern line which is available at around 50 Lakhs ex-showroom price, BMW 5-Series 520d luxury available at the similar price, BMW 5-Series 525d luxury line available at 54.50 Lakhs, BMW 5-Series 530d M Sport which is available approximately 60 Lakhs. The one I have is the Series 525d luxury line and I liked it the most. It is sober and pocket friendly as well.

Jayesh    2015-06-05

I am agreeing with the above statement, even I have the Series 525d luxury line with me and it’s a good car overall. The car is exceptional from outside and stunning from inside. The overall look is best in the class. Additionally it is well equipped with all the safety and security features. It has great mileage of 18 KMPL as well as great power of 184 BHO power and 380Nm torque. So for me BMW 5-series 520d luxury line is the best.

Paatil    2015-16-06

I am not agreeing with the above statement, as per me no model of BMW is worth buying. One major flaw it has is the worst and expensive service of BMW, one have to admit. Ask any BMW owner they will tell you how expensive the maintenance of BMW cars is? I am one of the victims of BMW, I don’t have any issues with the machinery but I am really offended with the services and spare part cost. BMW gave me a faulty car and then and now I am keep on following them.

Kapoor    2015-24-06

I am not agreeing with the negative statement given by my dear friend, BMW manufactures one of the best cars of the time. I own a 5-series 530d M sport and I am more than happy with my car. BMW services in Delhi are not having any issues yet at least for me. See vehicles are running over the roads and sometimes cause some discrepancies as well but we should not count our hits getting repaired and replaced free of cost by company. Insurance claim is there to take care of that. Please don’t disrupt the image of BMW. It’s a fab car and I like it the most.

Panku    2015-01-07

I am agree too, I have seen many people saying they haven’t got the insurance claim, but that is something Insurance companies should be doing, they are heavily charging you on the car. Please don’t rate the BMW bad for the same. I had some mishap but all has been taken care. So for me, my 320d luxury line is the best and I have no issues with the BMW Delhi in terms of services as well. 5 start to my BMW 320d luxury line.

Samarth    2015-11-07

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