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Why is there price difference between BMW 5 Series and BMW 3 Series?

By: Saras on 13 august 2015

3 Answers:

The price difference between BMW 5 Series and BMW 3 Series is due to some additional features present in the former variant. When you base model of both of cars, the BMW 3 Series 320d Prestige with BMW 5 Series 520d Prestige, you will find that average offered by two cars, engine displacement and transmission type are same. However, the difference between them is that BMW 5 Series has greater fuel tank capacity of 70 liters as compared to 60 liters fuel tank capacity of BMW 3 Series. In addition, BMW 5 Series scores over BMW 3 Series in case of both maximum power and torque. There are differences between the cars in respect of their suspension system and steering. For instance, while BMW 3 Series has Double joint spring-strut axle front suspension and Five-link rear suspension, BMW 5 Series comes with Double Arm Axle front suspension and Aluminium Integral Axle rear suspension. Again, while BMW 3 Series has Tilt Adjustable Steering column with 5.5 metres turning radius, BMW 5 Series comes with Electrical Adjustable Steering column and 5.6 meters turning radius. Again, BMW 5 Series scores over BMW 3 Series in case of acceleration time. On the other hand, BMW 3 Series offers greater mileage and more top speed in comparison.

prem   2015-08-13

In comparison to the BMW 3, BMW 5 offers lots of amazing features like great fuel tank of 70 liters, good advancement of suspension system and steering. Due to many additional features, company increased the price of BMW 5 with respect to the previous variants of the series.

Namrat   2015-09-08

Company installs great features with ths superb car, BMW5. Its additional features include, big fuel tank, improved acceleration time, electrical adjustable steering coumn and so on.

Ashutosh   2015-09-10

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