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I am unable to shift first and second gears of my BMW 5 Series and there is a warning message being displayed as “Fail Safe”, what does it mean?

By: Jason g on 2017-13-06

1 Answers:

The warning message “Fail Safe means that the computer in your car has noticed something which is not quite right and has decided that your transmission is at risk hence it has locked gearbox in higher gears as driving in lower gears can worse the problem and leave you with a car that won’t drive at all. The point of warning “Fail Safe” is to allow you to get your car home or to a repair shop so that it can be repaired whilst also minimizing any damage caused by the fault. There may be many reason of this type of warning like fault in the instrument cluster, blown fuse or failure in the transmission control module etc. I advise you to take your car to your local BMW service center for proper diagnosis and fix.

yash    2017-13-06

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