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Why does the gas pump keeps clicking and shuts off periodically?

By: Mark griffith on 2019-21-07

1 Answers:

This happens because of a vapour lock system. In case, when there's a gap within the seal where the nozzle is placed against your car, or there is gas overflow very fast and the fumes forcefully come out. Else, there may be some other problem with the nozzle or the gas intake like some kind of a blockage, in this case, the pump automatically shuts down to stop the escaping fumes.

These are caused by some kind of environmental regulation and might be safer regarding gas fires while pumping gas. The apt solution is to adjust the angle that the nozzle sits at and or slow down the gas flow into the vehicle.  I highly advise you to kindly get in touch with your nearest BMW authorised service centre.

Shubham Sharma    2019-21-07

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