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BMW 6-Series Airbags

BMW 6-Series

The BMW 6-Series Airbags feature is available in 620d GT Luxury Line, 630d GT Luxury Line, 630d GT M Sport

The 6 Series from BMW is one of the most amazing vehicles to hit the road, not to mention its safety features that include overhead airbags, side impact, and frontal airbags that are designed to protect the occupants in the event of an unforeseen crash or impact.

Added to these are the pretensioners that keep the occupants in the right position during a crash to enhance the protection offered by the airbags. The inner safety is further aided by the anti-whiplash head restraints that swing into action when the crash happens protecting the occupants from whiplash injuries.

The only diesel variant of the 6 Series competes with its own siblings, the 7 series, and the 5 series. External competition is minimal and is limited to the Audi A7, Mercedes Benz CLS and the Porsche Panamera. This is a very high end, technologically advanced BMW variant and is preferred amongst the enthusiasts.

BMW 6-Series

BMW 6-Series Variants with Airbags

The variants of BMW 6-Series that offer airbags as standard include 620d GT Luxury Line, 630d GT Luxury Line, 630d GT M Sport, 630i GT Luxury Line.

  • Variant
  • Airbags
  • 620d GT Luxury Line
  • Yes
  • 630d GT Luxury Line
  • Yes
  • 630d GT M Sport
  • Yes
  • 630i GT Luxury Line
  • Yes

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