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Should i have to worry about BMW 6 series running and maintenance cost?

By: Yasraj on 2014-14-08

7 Answers:

If you are buying a grand coupe which means a car with some serious performance parameters so you probably should not pay more attention to running cost because if you can buy BMW 6 Series then you can also afford BMW 6 Series running and maintenance cost. But it would be a big surprise to know that BMW 6 Series can show maximum fuel economy figures up-to 20.9kmpl which more then reasonable fuel economy figures if we compare to other high performance cars. BMW engineers also printed a easy to follow maintenance flew plan which allows you to get reasonable maintenance if you follow every step as exactly mentioned.


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Sonal Gupta     2014-14-08
Hey yasraj, mine gives a mileage of 18kmpl, and isn't that costing on maintenance, because my driver makes sure to take it to servicing as scheduled. Now, how a car performs, mostly depends on how you drive our car. generally, the young rich lads drive rough, however, they don't give a damn to mileage, but the mileage is bound to be very poor if a car is handled roughly. my priority was comfort when i thought of paying this much. Drive smooth, enjoy your ride, take it for scheduled maintenance visits, and I'm sure the car won't prove too heavy on your pocket.
Yadudhar    2014-24-09

BMW 6 series is one of the finest performing cars of the company. This 2 door coupe is the perfect example of style blended with technology. The car is not just attractive in terms of its looks but also has striking features that make it one of the best high luxury and sporty cars in the current auto market. When it comes to maintenance of the BMW 6 series, one can simply leave all worries behind. The BMW engineers have made use of the best possible technology that ensures that the car is low on maintenance in terms of time requirement and money. However, if you can afford to buy the BMW 6 series then you can definitely afford for the regular maintenance of the car. After all with a price over a crore, not many in the country can buy the BMW 6 series and the ones who can are rich enough to maintain the car well.

Krtank    2015-13-06

The BMW 6 series is perhaps one of the highest mileage giving cars in the market of high end luxury and sports cars. Generally these cars are not expected to deliver a very decent mileage. But the BMW 6 series gives a reasonably good mileage of around 20 km/hr. this is possible because elf the excellent technology used by the company. This also makes the maintenance of the car quite low. The car does not require very frequent servicing. Then again, the performance of any car depends on the way it is handled and driven. Rough driving can result in low mileage. But if you wish to enjoy a smooth ride in your luxury car then a regular visit to the service station on the scheduled time is mandatory.

Mehtab    2015-15-06

The BMW 6 series is one the costliest cars of the company. So if you are rich enough to own the BMW 6 series then the maintenance costs of the car should not be troublesome for you. A regular trip to the service station ensures that your car is in the best condition so as to let you enjoy a good drive. This is absolutely unavoidable. A regular car checks up with help you retain the decent mileage and maybe even improve the performance level of the car with time.

Kushagar    2015-16-06

A regular maintenance job done on any car is important to help the car maintain its good performance and healthy condition of all its distinct features. The BMW 6 series being one of the finest cars in the market deserve to be treated well and hence requires one to be maintained well as well. A regular maintenance job can also help improve the performance of the car. If you can afford o buy the BMW 6 series then you can surely afford to maintain it as well. So you should not worry about the maintenance costs.

Gajodhar    2015-17-06

The performance of a car depends a lot on how it is driven and handled. Rough driving can often result in low mileage and poor performance in the long run. Also a regular visit to the service station for a maintenance job on the stipulated time ensures that you retain the running capacity of your car. If you can buy the BMW 6 series you can surely afford the maintenance costs. The BMW 6 series is a car that promises ultimate speed, comfort and style. To gain such you need to take care of your car by getting a maintenance job done regularly and also drive safe.

Minaaz    2015-18-06

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