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What are the interiors of the BMW 6 series Gran Coupe like?

By: Akshit on 2014-07-12

8 Answers:

If you are not the flashy types you will fall in love with this car cause then you will come to realize that this car would deliver more than what you expect out from it. Its also a drivers baby. The interiors are very luxurious, comfortable and convenient from both, the one behind the wheels and the others traveling along. Talking about convenience I would also like to mention about the all inclusive instrument panel which makes driving this car easy. Again, if you are an avid traveler, you would be glad to have some extra storage space created by fold-able rear seats. The car also offers a special feature to match the outside climate which makes covering more miles in less time possible.

Sonal Gupta    2014-07-12

The cabin of BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is a place where you can spend hours without getting tired because seats are armed with in built heaters, massager and reclining features. The central console is now much more multi fictional with fluid inspired design and smooth, user friendly interface. BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe climate controller is simply flawless as it works in seconds. The amazing entertainment system puts extra charm to comfort factor. Overall BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe interior is simple remarkable and everyone will love to sit inside.

Satanand    2015-14-02

The interiors showcase comfort and functionality with top-shelf materials and opulence that you’d expect.LED illumination with an option of Dakota or Nappa leather for upholstery add to the pristine looks. The luxury is further exhibited by the heated and electrically adjustable front seats. The interiors hava a businesslike feel with a muted palette that looks and anf gives the feeling of plushness.

Minita    2015-28-02

This is a car every owner will fall in love with. You can get what more than you expect. The car has luxurious interiors, comfortable and luxurious. The car is convenient for both the driver and the passenger. Driving the car is easy and you will find that the car is perfect if you are travelling more. The rear seats are foldable and you can make the car extra spacious when needed.

Naksh    2015-22-06

For those, who travel a lot, moving in a comfortable car is the want of the hour. For the comfort, you cannot compromise luxury, and if you aim at the same, then you can find the BMW 6 series a great option. The interiors certainly capture the attention not only with the space, but also the comfort. The car is easy to drive, and travel too. It certainly worth to call the car a driver’s baby.

Shramil    2015-24-06

Do you know that the 6-series Gran Coupe can give you a feel of being in a parlor getting massaged? Yes the seats are so comfortable, and there are builtheaters, massagers and there is also the recliners. What else do you expect from a car? This is luxury, comfortable and amazing. The design is smooth and great. You will find the car the best place to close your eyes, and hum what you love, of course only when you do not drive it.

Ritesh    2015-26-06

The cabin of the BMW 6 series gran coupe is something fantastic. You will never get tired even if you are travelling for hours. The car has a climate controller that is immaculate and the interface is easy to use. The entertainment system with the comfy sitting you will love the car. The comfort factor adds charm to the car, and this is a remarkable car and is smooth and elegant you can never imagine.

Tanish    2015-28-06

The car is designed for comfort and to enjoy luxury. The top quality materials used never make you go tired. The LED illumination and leather upholstery make your cabin great and elegant. The seat has a massager and reclining features too. The palette has a muted design, and the look is all elegance. You will find the car the best to travel a lot, if you are avid traveler.

Sanchit    2015-30-06

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