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What is the best variant of BMW Series 6 that is available in India at present?

By: Veer on 2015-13-08

1 Answers:

There is nothing called ‘best’ in any car, and the same is applicable for BMW Series 6. Rather, it is better to know about the available variants of BMW Series 6 that are available in India at present so that you can locate your ‘best’; model among them. For your information, BMW 6 Series is available in only one transmission type, two fuel type and tow engine types. In all, three models of BMW Series 6 has been launched in the Indian market at present which are BMW 6 Series 640d Eminence, BMW 6 Series 640d Design Pure
Experience and BMW 6 Series M6 Gran Coupe. While both BMW 6 Series 640d Eminence and BMW 6 Series 640d Design Pure
Experience are diesel cars that have 2993 cc engine and automatic transmission, BMW 6 Series M6 Gran Coupe comes with 4395 cc Petrol engine and Automatic transmission.

Ganesh    2015-13-08

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