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BMW i3s Overview

The BMW i3 is a highly-advanced electric car with sophisticated equipment, and a perfect combination of performance and luxury. There is innovation in every feature of the car, right from the eDrive system to transmission of power and charging of the battery. The moment driver would take out a foot from the acceleration pedal, it would reflect in the application of braking force at the wheel and the kinetic energy of the car since motion would be converted into electricity for charging the high-voltage lithium-ion battery.BMW i3s Overview

BMW i3s Exterior

The BMW i3 exteriors would feature the Kidney Style grille and U-shaped LED headlights, and the efficient design of the body panels would give the car a distinctive on-road image.BMW i3s Exterior

BMW i3s Interior

The BMW i3 features would include drive selection modes Comfort, ECOPRO and ECOPRO+ for the convenience of selecting the best drive for the road conditions. The Comfort mode would use optimum power and the battery power range would last up to 160 km. The ECOPRO and ECOPRO+ modes would result in a higher power at the wheels suited for efficient driving. A simple pressing of the acceleration pedal can take the vehicle speed from 0 to 100 kmph in 7.2 seconds. The boost in speed from 80 to 120 kmph can happen in 4.9 seconds and can reach a top speed of up to 150 kmph in favourable conditions. There would be a feature of dynamic range indicator displaying accurate information on charge range considering overall parameters like driving habits, topography of the route, usage of air conditioning and music system. The innovative coach door design by integrating the central window columns to the doors would provide complete access to the interiors and unmatched visibility for the occupants. The BMW i3 interiors fit and finish have been enhanced with different packages for the trims, such as Atelier, Loft, Lodge, and suite interiors package with different trims, upholstery, and utility features with the versatility of space utilization.BMW i3s Interior

BMW i3s Engine & Transmission

The BMW i3 specifications feature an electric motor with 125 KW output and maximum torque of 250 Nm. The electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery with the 18.8 KWh rating. Up to 80 percent charge can happen in 6-8 hours with a 16 A source. The fast charging with DC charging station of 125 A can charge up to 80 percent under 30 minutes. The drive is connected to the wheels directly and hence a press of acceleration pedal would result in instantaneous pickup of the speed of the vehicle.

BMW i3s Mileage

The BMW i3 mileage with one complete charge ranges up to 190 km in standard testing conditions. In actual conditions of on-road usage, the charge is expected to last up to 160 km.

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*All information provided for this model is for reference only. Actual specifications may vary at the time of the car launch


BMW i3s Video

BMW i3s Hindi Review – The Future is Here – Autoportal

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Customer Questions and Answers

Customer Questions and Answers (3)

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  • What is the difference between BMW i3 and BMW i3 S?

    Om prakash    2018-03-07

    BMW i3 S is essentially a sporty variant of the BMW i3. It not only differs in terms of styling, but it runs on a more powerful synchronous electric motor that makes 14hp additional power and 20Nm extra torque over the standard model. Furthermore, the BMW i3 S is slightly faster than the regular var...  Read More

    2 Answers     Post an Answer
  • When will BMW i3 launch in India?

    Vicky Singh    2018-03-07

    The company was planning to launch the pre-facelift version in India, though reports are rife that BMW is now evaluating the facelifted BMW i3 S for the domestic market. As for the launch, BMW has not confirmed anything yet.   Read More

    1 Answer     Post an Answer

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