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What sort of braking system is provided with this car?

By: Radhika on 1 may 2015

13 Answers:

Hi Radhika!!!

This premium vehicle is provided with the best of safety features that keep the riders safe and sound in case of any accident. Among these safety features brakes plays an important part in keeping the car away from danger. Therefore, the company has provided it with an advanced internally vented disc brakes on all its four wheels, which are further loaded with superior brake calipers featuring BMW i Blue accents. The anti lock braking system enhances this disc braking mechanism, cornering brake control system and brake assist function, which delivers best of performance while cornering.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-05-01

I found that this car is having the best braking system with it. The safety feature of the car has been exceptional and that makes the worth of it. All the discs are having disk brakes, and I checked that they are excellent to save you from all sorts of accidents. The interior of the car and the external fabulous designs goes rightly with the exceptional brake system of the car.

Rajiv   2015-05-14

You are right. I was initially amazed to find that all the four wheels have got disc brake. The speed of the car and the pick up is best matched by the super brakes. I do not know much about the technical aspects in the cars, but I found that the braking system in this car is an anti-locking braking system. Thus the car is one of the best and I am a big fan of the car too.

Sachin   2015-05-16

The BMW i8 electric have got the ventilated disk at the front and rear. The front tyre and rim is having a dimension of 215/45 R20 and the rear tires and rim is having a dimension of 245/40 R20 with the wheel size of R with automatic handbrake. Additionally the car’s disk brake have got Anti-lock braking system which is meant for allowing the vehicle to prevent the wheels from getting locked. Additionally it has got brake assist and cornering brae control.

Zaan   2015-08-09

I am agreeing with the answer of the above user and acknowledge what he said about the braking system of new BMW i8 electric which has been mounted in new BMW i8 electric to make it versatile and unique in the category. Very few cars are there which is having Hybrid facility. The ABS along with the cornering control helps the cars to prevent wheel locking as well as cornering control helps the car taking the heavy corner easily.

Mrinay   2015-08-10

I am also agree with the same, these three features are the most amazing feature of BMW i8 electric in term of Brake control naming to Anti-lock braking system, brake assist and cornering control. Along with that dynamic traction control has been installed inside to complement the dynamic stability control. It has ISOFIX child seat mounting, protective seat belts to save you while emergency braking. The car is very good in terms of braking.

Jogesh   2015-08-11

The BMW i8 electric is a pioneer car in terms of features. The car is one of the hybrid cars available in the market. Hybrid cars still needs to get more edge in to the market as the hybrid cars market is still growing. These cars are not very popular due to its higher cost. But still BMW have made a good debut in the segment with its i8 which is very cost efficient. In terms of braking controls it has ABS, traction control, cornering control and dynamic stability control.

Asif   2015-08-12

The BMW i8 is really a great car, with the combination of electric and petrol engine the car gives a very good performance in terms of the speed and the mileage. The car has got an awesome design as well as a great mileage of almost 45 KMPL. As said by the users above the car has been equipped with a lot of braking techniques with ABS, traction control, dynamic stability control and dynamic cornering control.

sanam   2015-08-13

The BMW i8 is a premium car that makes your travel pleasant and comfortable. The car is loaded with lots of safety features, and one of them is the brakes. They keep the car away from danger, and they are internally ventilated disc brakes.

Ruman   2015-09-09

The best braking system is provided for the users of the BMW i8 cars, and the car offers exceptional performance. The car has disc brakes in all the 4 wheels. They can save you in an excellent way from the unwarranted scenarios on the roads.

Yuvansh   2015-09-10

All the 4 wheels of the BMW i8 have got the disc brakes. When the brakes are applied the car responds faster and with ease. The car is designed to be driven in a super speed, and still the brakes are efficient in bringing the car to a halt.

Nishul   2015-09-12

The braking system of the BMW i8 consists of the anti lock braking system, electric parking brake, cornering brake control, and the brake assist. The ABS system of the car is very advanced. The car has other safety features like the 3 point seat belts, 8 air bags and tire puncture kit.

Jasvinder   2015-09-14

At the front and the rear, the BMW i8 has got the best ventilated disc brakes. They make the journey safe and easy. The car has the advanced braking system and the advanced safety features. The ABS ensures that the wheels are not locked when the brake is applied at high speed.

Vikrant   2015-09-16

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