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What is the engine capacity of BMW M3 ?

By: Amerdeep on 24 april 2014

5 Answers:

BMW M3 is a car which carries its own uniqueness of style and performance which hardly any other manufacture can match to it. This is because of accuracy in engineering and working of experienced engineers. BMW M3 is blessed with a 6 inline cylinder engine with twin turbo technology allows engine to hold better volumetric efficiency at every stoke. Engine under the hood of BMW M3 can hold around maximum cubic capacity units of 2979 (also known as engine displacement) this engine displacement of 2979 cc supports maximum power generation of 437 PS @ 5500 RPM and maximum Torque 550 Nm @ 1850 RPM which allows driver to push its driving skills more further.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-04-24

BMW Me comes in only one variant in India. It has a 3.0L twin powered turbo charged, 6-cylinder inline engine with 431 BHP @5500 to 7300 RPM and 550 Nm torque between 1850 to 5500 RPM, mated with a RWD 7-speed automatic transmission. The engine is really powerful and performing. With this powerful engine and BMW technology the vehicle is ready to fetch 100 KMPH just in 4.1 seconds and can reach up to a maximum speed of 250 KMPH.

kushagrah   2015-05-05

I am agree with the above answer, The BMW feature a very powerful engine 6 cylinder, 4 valves per cylinder with a maximum displacement of 2979cc, with 437 PS power and 550Nm torque. The 7-speed automatic transmission make the vehicle run on a jet like speed of 250 KMPH. The engine is a petrol powered BS IV type with ARAI certified mileage of 9 KMPL. The performance of the engine is flawless and it is very efficient.

Mr Mittal   2015-05-20

I am agreeing too with the comments above, the engine of 3.0L is really powerful, the only thing you have to worry about is the mileage and the stiff ride that BMW M3 offers. Otherwise you will enjoy the vehicle. I have tested myself as well as heard from lot of peoples about the stiff ride quality of BMW M3. The next thing that will make you worried is the availability of the dealership network of it in your area, sometimes it becomes very hectic as for a simple service you have to drive a lot.

sonal   2015-06-01

I agree too, with the serviceability network as well as the maintenance cost being involved. The cost or running and cost of ownership will kill you. We know BMW offers a reliable vehicle but vehicles are tend to wear and tear and you will need to maintain it regardless of the vehicle you are using but BMW will not take care of you at that point of time. You have to pay heavily on every service and routine checkup. So get ready even after being with the best car of the time, you have to empty your pocket.

Guptaji   2015-06-11

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