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What is the top speed of BMW M3 ?

By: Harpreet on 7 may 2014

2 Answers:

BMW M3 is the perfect combination of style and performance where Motorsports tag with letter "M" puts extra point to its portfolio, as this BMW M3 has already owns its fame of running extremely fast in just fraction of seconds which is unmatchable and unexpected to receive from saloon or a sedan car (generally sedan are build for providing best in class comfort) but BMW wants to change everyone's view in the section of sedan. This powerful and luxuries sporty sedan can run up to maximum speed of 250km/hr which is faster then almost every manufacture who are competing against BMW.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-05-07

The BMW M3 is designed to get a racing speed of 250 Kmph. This is owing to the 3.0 l M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine which has the best engineering lined with technology where a 7,300 rpm and massive power with a maximum of 550 Nm torque can be obtained. This mighty engine has 317 kW (431 hp) M which helps it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in a blink of just 4.1 seconds.

Niharika   2015-06-10

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