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Is BMW M3 available in diesel version in India ?

By: Upender on 19 august 2014

2 Answers:

Unfortunately BMW M3 doesn't come with diesel mill option because car which comes with diesel mill option have to face may problems like wear and tear in engine compartment, over heating because engine needs to put extra efforts to increased temperature of diesel so that diesel ignites in the piston cylinder.Diesel mill also faces high compression during one complete cycles which leads to extra maintenance and regular check of fluids and their filling however diesel mill also requires time to time more service if we compare to petrol Mill.The main advantage of having petrol mill is that fuel is burnt completely and efficiently which results in generating low amount of carbon emissions.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-08-19

No, BMW M3 is not available in diesel version as engineers of BMW believe that diesel version reduces the efficiency and performance of the car. Engine become overheated and faces various problems. It further needs extra maintenance and regular check that leads to increase in the maintenance cost. Generally, diesel version requires more service in comparison to petrol version. Company never want to create any trouble for users that’s why chose to avoid diesel version. 

Koshaank   2015-02-27

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