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is re-sale value of BMW M3 good ?

By: Yashu on 14 may 2014

6 Answers:

Yes, you will definitely find reasonable re-sale value because this car comes from one of those famous giant manufactures who creates powerful and trustworthy certification. I would recommend you if you want better re-sale value for you BMW M3 after 3-4 years you should follow proper maintenance plan as mentioned in the manual and time to time send you BMW M3 to authorized body shops to remove dents and scratches as glossy and well maintained get better attention and become easy to buy. According to my personal experience you will definitely get better re-sale value if you care for your car over you usage.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-05-14

Resale for M3 is as good as any BMW car. The resale value completely depends on the condition of the car, driving capabilities, exterior and interior conditions, how much distance it has covered and other such nitty gritties. The resale value of Beamers in India is quite high but the actual cost definitely depends on how you've treated your car.

Harita   2014-06-05

The resale value of any car depends on several criteria like the condition of the car, the usage, the age of the car and its features and model. Being a BMW, you are likely to have a good resale value for your M3 because BMW is one of the most reputed and trusted brands in the world. It is also important to send your car for its regular maintenance job at the stipulated time to retain the performance quality and the overall wellbeing of the car. This will also help you pitch for a good resale value. The price of an old car depends a lot on how you maintain the car while in use.

Sehnaz   2015-06-11

BMW M3 belongs to the reputed BMW family. Hence you can definitely expect a good resale value for your car because of the brand name being a trusted one. Then again, the resale value of your car is likely to depend on the condition of your car at the time of sale. Other factors include the age of the car and the usage of the car. A regular maintenance job can help you keep your car in good condition and hence get a good value while resale. An authorized service center can also remove dents or scratched from the car body to maintain the glossy and posh look of the car.

Pushkar   2015-06-12

Resale value for the M3 is expected t be as good as that of any other BMW car model. This is because BMW is a trusted and reputed brand globally. However, the price of the BMW M3 being quite high, one should not expect to get an equally high resale value. The resale value of the car depends a lot on the condition of the car, the usage of the car, etc. if your car is in good condition you can definitely pitch for a reasonable resale price.

Ronit   2015-06-13

BMW being of the most reliable brand names in the auto market generally receives a good resale value for all its cars. The M3 is no different. However, the resale value of any car depends a lot on the condition of the car and its usage. A regular maintenance job done on the car can help you retain the performance quality and the overall condition of the car. A reputed service center can also help remove dents and scratches so as to keep your car exterior looking beautiful and good as new.

Yatin   2015-06-14

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