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What is the top speed of BMW M4?

By: Navdeep on 7 may 2014

6 Answers:

With the huge power output of 431PS, you can really drive the car at speeds greater than 300kmph. However the international regulation is set for maximum allowable speeds to be limited to 250KMPH. With the tremandous power at your disposal, you can always hope to get get into high speed driving mode at minimum possible time. M4 features vehicle stability control feature which can keep the vehicle iin high stability even during driving over inclined roads and turnings one can come across.The vehicle made as light as possible, allowing for best of driving dynanics, and exemplary efficiencies.

Sonal Gupta    2014-05-07

The BMW M4 is a magnificent vehicle in the coupe series of BMW, It has a top speed of 250 Kilo meter per hour, it is the official safe top speed but I have driven it personally up to 304 Kilo meter per hour. My friends have taken it up to 290 KMPH. The 3.0L engine can produce 431 BHP power with 550 Nm of torque which is exceptional and thrilling.

Kanta   2015-05-31

BMW M4 is a magnificent vehicle indeed. I am also satisfied with the above answer. I have driven it up to 294 kilo meter per hour. The engine is coupled with a 3.0L engine which can produce really great power and acceleration. The BMW M4 can reach from 0 to 100 in just 4.1 seconds only, which is magnificent and best in the class. I am not sure about the 304 KMPH but some acceleration was still remaining even after 290 KMPH.

Sonam   2015-06-06

I am also agree with the above answers, the top speed of 250 kilo meters per hour is indicative and safe range of BMW M4, but the car can go beyond it always. BMW offers a great engine, with excellent efficiency. I haven’t tested it up to that much speed but I have seen the videos and review which claims a maximum speed up to 250 to 300 kilo meter per hour. The car is so quick within seconds it reaches to great speeds.

Sandeep   2015-06-14

The new BMW M4 reaches from 0 to 100 within 4.1s only, it has a great and exceptional 3.0L engine which throws 431 PS power and 550 Nm of torque, which has been coupled with an M clutch gearbox with a 7-speed automatic transmission. The car can fetch a great speed up to 300 Kilometer per hour; personally I have driven the car up to this speed. This is the maximum speed that I have ever tried, which is way ahead than the official figure of 250 kilo meter per hour.

Arya   2015-06-21

I am agreeing too with the comments of above users regarding BMW M4 top speed. Then maximum speed of BMW M4 that I have tested personally is 260 KMPH and still there was scope of more, so I am wondering why the top speed is written as 250 KMPH. The vehicle can go beyond this speed with great stability. The car is equipped with stability control feature which keeps the vehicle under control even at a great speed.

Sambodh   2015-06-25

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