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How much can I expect for used BMW M4

By: Pankaj on 25 july 2014

2 Answers:

The customers who buy super luxury cars like M4, M5 etc, generally wont worry about resale value of the same as it has got the real brand value and everlasting image of a ultra modern car. However whatever car it is, is subjected to depreciation values aon yearly basis and . Theoritically a depreciation of 10 percent on onroad is certain. Apart from that the resale value depends lot on demand for the car, condition of the car and lot other parameters. Considering the demand and image of it, there wont be too much differences from the original price.

Sonal Gupta    2014-07-25

BMW M4 is known for its engine and performance. The re-sale of this value largely depends upon the model of the vehicle, the condition it is in and the amount of kms driven. The BMW is known for its high re-sale value only because the engine is well looked after by the company all its life. The group ensures proper care and servicing be provided on a timely basis to the user hence ensuring a longer life.

Deepali   2014-08-29

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