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What is the difference between led and xenon lights in BMW M4?

By: Jana on 15 june 2015

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Hello Mr.Jana !!

Xenon bulbs produce a white light that matches that of daylight more closely than other lamps. The human eye is adapted to see this light much better, so less illumination is needed for good visibility while with LEDs, the light is brighter than that of traditional bulbs, though not as well-matched to the eyes as xenon lamps. Xenon bulbs emits stronger light than led bulbs.

Xenon is a highly un-reactive gas that is colorless and odorless. It may be found in small quantities in the atmosphere. It may be extracted from liquefied air to be used for commercial purposes. Xenon is commonly used in headlights. It is utilized in some filament-based automotive lighting technologies. A xenon bulb emits a clean and white light and may also be used in HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting. An HID bulb does not have a filament; instead, it uses a xenon gas-charged, sealed system that generates light through an electrical charge that starts an arc between two electrodes. Xenon light provides good illumination; more efficient compared to halogen, uses less power, longer life span than halogen headlights. expensive; may potentially cause a harsh glare to other drivers because of its brightness

The acronym "LED" stands for "Light Emitting Diode." It is a semiconductor diode that gives off light when voltage is applied to it. LED is a popular display and lighting technology that is used in various kinds of electrical and electronic products. LED produces light in less than a hemisphere. This means that it needs to be cooled from the back. As a result, an LED headlight may require a different design from halogen and xenon headlights. An LED headlight may potentially come in different designs because its small size makes it versatile. LED lights needs little power to work; low and efficient energy consumption; small size; may be designed differently because of its size, expensive, generates heat and needs more cooling to run than halogen and xenon headlights

Xenon headlights, is ideal for buyers who value bright illumination because it emits a very strong light. LED headlights may be appropriate for buyers who prioritize efficient energy consumption. One type of headlight is not necessarily better or superior to the others, although it may be a more appropriate choice for certain buyers.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-23

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