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What is the structural strength and the weight? Can I reduce weight without impacting the integrity?

By: Mark Richmond on 13 august 2015

2 Answers:

Which beam are you talking about? The BMW M4 use a monocoque construction and the structure derives strength from sheet metal that gets formed into shape with the help of metal dies. Yes, the shape of sheet metal and its thickness contribute to the strength. The weight is around 1500 kgs. You may not be able to reduce weight further (atleast not significantly) without impacting the structural strength. Note that the design of performance cars or should I say the design of cars in general are heavily optmised before they undergo production. That means that they try to achieve something with minimum utilization of resources (sheet metal, paint etc.).

Naved   2015-08-13

Why do want to know the structural strength and weight of the car? Anyway, the car has passed all the safety tests with a good rating that means it will safeguard you against a lot of high impacts. The weight of the car is approx. 176 lbs thanks to the carbon fiber reinforced plastic used in the body. Yes, you can reduce the weight by adding more carbon fiber parts.

nishant panday   2015-09-02

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