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What is the role of turbo charger in BMW M5?

By: Kamljeet on 10 september 2014

1 Answers:

The new avatar of BMW M5 is powered with twin turbo technology where the component turbo is fixed with the air filter assembly to get maximum air and as the name suggest Turbo boost the air intake flow which further helps in per-boosting by increasing volumetric efficiency of ever cylinder. This turbo charger becomes very useful at high speed because at high revolution per minute engine faces problems like low air fuel ratio because of rapid closing and opening of intake manifold which results in unpleasant engine knocking and low efficiency to over come this BMW installed turbo charger to get perfect air fuel ratio at high revolution per minute. IN BMW M5 the twin turbo technology provides individual boosting to both opposite cylinder which helps in more better fuel economy.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-09-10

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