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What is the boot space of BMW M5?

By: Garuda on 22 february 2015

4 Answers:

According to me cars like BMW M5 are designed for performance and driving pleasure not for carrying luggage’s in the boot, as BMW M5 is based on the platform of 5 Series which means BMW M5 is blessed with 540 liters of boot which is identical to BMW 5 Series. This much size of BMW M5 boot is enough for carrying luggage effectively and efficiently.
TeamAutoportal   2015-02-22

The BMW M5 has a boot size of approximately 540 liters which is quite good for the car. The M5 is mainly meant for long drives and a high speed driving experience every time. A car of such strata generally does not have a very big boot size. More space is devoted to the leg room in the rear seats in order to provide ultimate comfort during the long journeys. However, the engineers have kept the luggage requirement in mind and allotted a suitable space for the boot as well in the BMW M5.

Azmal   2015-06-12

A car like the BMW M5 is meant for thrilling long drives where one can drive at high speed. Though the car has a long wheel base, more space has been allotted to provide sufficient leg room inside the cabin. This makes the car comfortable. However this has also made the boot smaller with not much space being devoted for it. The M5 has a boot size of 540 liters. Though it may seem small for some, it is sufficient enough to carry some luggage while on long drives.

yash   2015-06-13

The BMW M5 is meant to enjoy a great driving experience and not carry huge amounts of luggage around. Keeping that in mind, the makers have allotted a little space for the boot while devoting more space inside the car cabin so as to make it more comfortable for both the driver and the pillion passengers. The leg room provided inside the car is quite good and makes long trips very comfortable. The boot size of the M5 is 540 liters. This is good enough to carry a few bags while away on trips.

Deepak   2015-06-14

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