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By: Kanishk on 1 july 2015

4 Answers:

BMW is built with many features that helps in Keeping the maintenance cost low. When you are looking for the super luxury cars, and if you want the most comfortable drive, then you need to understand that the cost for the maintenance is high too. But you do not have to worry much when you go for the BMW M5, as the BMW engineers will take care of the proper schedule. The car offers a great performance, and you will not face issues.

Karuna   2015-07-01

When handling a car, proper care has to be taken. A car should handled properly by the driver to save money . You will find a maintenance schedule for the car, and need to follow the same. When you do this, you will find that cost spent for maintaining the car is not too much.

Srikant   2015-07-02

The BMW M5 has a great engine and many superb technologies are used in it. The car has a great handling, and the seating is comfortable. The car needs to be serviced on time, and the schedule is formed by the BMW engineers, and you will find the car fantastic once you stick to this.

Atsham   2015-07-03

BMW M5 has fantastic technology and when you want a car that has superior handling and great performance, then obviously your car budget is higher than the mid segment cars. The BMW M5 has maintenance schedules designed by the engineers of BMW. Maintenance is great, and you will need to stick to the schedules.

Moheen   2015-07-04

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