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BMW M6 Airbags


An ideal family vehicle, the BMW M6 Gran Coupe comes loaded with all safety features that one can imagine including a plethora of airbags for complete occupant protection. This single variant is fitted with 2 frontal airbags, 2 side impact protection airbags, 4 overhead airbags and 4 knee protection airbags for supreme safety.

As a support system, the seatbelt pretensioners ensure that the occupant is safe and seated in optimum position during an impact to enhance airbag protection. Additionally, the anti-whiplash head restraints ensure protection form whiplash injuries that are quite common in such situations.

The ABS braking and stability control are integrated into the vehicle. This ensures that rollovers are avoided and the driver is always in complete control.

The awesome BMW M6 Gran Coupe is capable of competing with Audi RS7, the most powerful Audi. Although Audi accelerates faster, BMW’s appeal and safety is what helps making the decision.

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