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BMW M6 Defogger


To no one’s surprise, BMW M6 Gran Coupe defogger is available in all variants of the car. The BMW M6 Gran Coupe defogger works best in extreme temperatures to make sure that the driver gets clear view of what’s around him, by clearing the mist or fog from the windshields. The defogger in M6 works via the grid lines that run horizontally across the rear windscreen, at the sides of which lies the electric circuit which passes energy through the grids thereby, bringing down the temperature of the windscreen. As a result of this heat, fog/mist clears up from the windscreen. The temperature of the windscreen usually reaches 30 degree Celsius when the M6 defogger is put to use.


Since a lot of energy is lost when the defogger comes to action, therefore it is advisable to turn it off once the screen is clear. This battery consumption and energy loss also effects the fuel consumption.

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