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Why are all the M series cars from BMW so expensive and M6 priced at Rs 1.75 crores? What is so special about these cars?

By: Amit Trivedi on 19 december 2014

4 Answers:

BMW is known for manufacturing some of the most luxury cars in the world and hence they don't come cheap. But once you add the performance angle to it, the cost will surely go up, as engine is the major component of a car which decides the pricing. BMW M-series is known fro making some of the most exquisite cars in the globe and the performance is world class. Consider this, a normal 3-series comes at around 35 lakhs whereas the M3 comes at 1.10 crores. So the gap is due to all the engine modifications and tuning along with the M badge.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-19

BMW is always known to produce some of the most expensive cars around the world and M-series just can’t get away from the price tag considering the quality and reliability offered in this segment. M6 is powered by a 4.4L petrol engine which produces immense power to accelerate the vehicle from 0-100 kmph in just 4.2 sec. BMW M6 incorporates many advanced features such as eight airbags, dynamic stability control with M dynamic mode, anti-lock braking system with brake assist technology, disc brakes for all 4-wheels to ensures complete safety and stability of vehicle on any roads.

Shunny   2015-01-16

I think that the cost of the M series cars is for the superb engine of the car. As far I know, the cars have to undergo least maintenance cost in the five years of purchase. This has been the speciality of the cars of BMW. They are having excellent engines and that is why the speed of the car is so good, although the maintenance is nil. I love the car. It’s a great experience.

Sager   2015-03-06

You are very much correct, the cost of the cars increases for the integration of the engines. BMW is having perfect engine configuration. However the technological equipments in the cars make it more costly. The high end disc brakes on all the four wheels and the super interior along with high caliber outside decorum make the car so expensive. I will give thumbs up to the M series models and feel that the price is worthy.

Pradeep   2015-03-08

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