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What are the competitors of BMW M6 in India?

By: Nahusha on 16 december 2014

11 Answers:

If you talk factually, the only competitor for BMW M-series is the Mercedes AMG cars and the Audi S-line models. But there are other cars too. Jaguar F-type is one of the most renowned and well responsed car around the globe and in India it comes at a price somewhat comparative to the M6 Coupe. Also the Aukdi RS7 sportback is available and comes at the same price range. Then are the Maserati cars, including all models which are sporty, good looking and priced below Rs 2 crores in India.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-16

As BMW M6 Gran Coupe comes with high price tag, some of its competitors are getting more attention of customers like Mercedes AMG cars and Audi S-line models. Audi RS7 sportback comes in the same price range, offers more features and comes at a price cheaper than Gran Coupe. Jaguar F-type is another most welcomed and well acclaimed car in india. All these cars are coming in the range of below 2 crore. So the competiton for BMW M6 Gran Coupe gets really tough, and hence it is better for the company to cut down its price and emerge victorious.

Pulkit   2014-12-23

There are many competitors of this car including Audi R and S line and Mercedes AMG cars. Jaguar F-type is also a huge contender to fight with. All these cars give a tough fight to Gran Coupe as all these car come with similar features. They are well-known and highly appreciated by the users across the planet. These cars also feature a price tag of somewhat the same price range. In addition, Maserati cars have the sporty stance, refined in terms of performance and come in the same price tag. However, Gran Coupe has its own features including the fantastic engine performance and lavish interiors etc.

Jatesh   2015-01-09

There are many competitors of this car such as Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG, Audi RS7and Porsche Panamera Turbo S which offers polarizing looks, staggering power, superb driving dynamics and good acceleration. These cars come in the same price range and offer more features. I think the competition for BMW M6 Gran Coupe is getting really tough. All these models are sporty, stunning and deliver good performance with sufficient safety systems.

Moghan   2015-06-03

It is true; The BMW M6 does not look like a SUV at all in terms of shape and features. Its looks more like a car having some extra ground clearance. Generally the looks of a SUV has been defined differently but here in case of BMW X6 it nowhere matching to other SUV’s available in the market. SUV’s are said to be having a great height from the front and even more heighted from the rear. But X6 is very low from the rear as I guess.

Neelesh   2015-08-01

I am agreeing with the statement too, it looks more of a coupe version, and BMW might be regretting on making it as a SUV. The design doesn’t resemble to what we have in our SUV’s at all. The dimensions and looks are more like a Coupe. At least for me it doesn’t look like a SUV at all. The SUV’s are known to having more liters inside the cabin for extra seating and luggage purpose

Mehar   2015-08-03

I am agreeing too, the X6 is a coupe or maybe more like a car with a good ground clearance. But SUV’s are made for the purpose of sports utility. It has to have a great off-road capability. BMW X6 is having good ground clearance but it cannot handle the off road option. A more important feature of SUV is its utility to accommodate more peoples on board or maybe luggage where it has a short coming, due to the coupe like dimensions it does not have space like a SUV.

Juned   2015-08-05

Yes correct BMW X6 looks more like a Coupe not at all a SUV. Indian markets are more SUV centric than a normal car, and that is the reason behind some of the most selling cars like Mahindra bolero, Scorpio and XUV or a Tata safari kind of vehicle. Even in the luxury segment SUV’s like Fortuner and Pajero are most popular and the reason behind this success story is the utility and sturdiness it comes with. So may be BMW have to struggle to get fitted in that segment.

Zayed   2015-08-06

I am not agree with the same, Though BMW x6 is not having a heighted and longer dimensions than the conventional SUV’s in market but it is a very feature rich car and no one can compete BMW in this segment. It has a lot of features on board and more utility than a Car for sure. It has good ground clearance and bigger wheelbase as well as great spacious interiors with ample storage space. So Though we can say it as a coupish SUV and defines a new segment of vehicles.

Arpit   2015-08-09

Agree with you my dear friend, it has a great capacitive engine and awesome performance, and it has great off road capacity as well. It’s just the design and roominess that is getting affected due to the lower rear like a like. The BMW looks like a vehicle which falls between a coupe and a sport utility vehicle. The rear has been kept low and even the length has been compromised. So the overall utility is getting shattered. Additionally the cost of the vehicle is very high which makes it a cumbersome choice of peoples.

Minesh   2015-08-10

There is hardly any match for the BMW M6 when it comes to performance and styling of a car. However, competitor brands like Audi and Mercedes Benz have their own models like S-series (Audi) and AMG (Mercedes Benz) to compete with the M6. Also, Jaguar has the F-type that falls in the same price bracket and having similar features and styling.

kanishka khan   2015-08-27

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