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Why does BMW is selling X6 in India? It doesnt even look like and SUV.

By: Tripti on 11 december 2014

5 Answers:

There need not be a specific genre to launch a car. We have seen many cars time an again which don't fall into any category, but are liked by people. Such kind of cars are called crossovers. BMW X6 is essentially a crossover between an SUV and a sedan. The car is one mean looking SUV/Crossover and is here to create a new segment, which soon Mercedes-Benz will follow with the GLE-Class. As of India, people like new experiments and you can spot a handful of the BMW X6 roaming on the streets. Though the number are very less, still the car has a good street presence. 

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-11

Yes, I agree BMW X6 doesn’t look like SUV but it is considered as a specific type of car which features both SUV and Sedan. This car comes in the new segment of the brand and manufacturers try to give extraordinary look and features that can attract Indian people. Personally, I believe it will give good competition to other highly luxurious cars available in the market. It gives good performance on Indian streets as well so why not go for it. 

Divyankna   2015-02-26

X6 doesn’t looks like a XUV at all. It looks more like a sedan with a better ground clearance. In my sense it looks little illogical in the first sight. It doesn’t qualify any feature of the SUV. Many of the peoples will be misunderstand it with a car. But when it comes to the engine and performance, BMW X6 comes out as a beast over the road. It has great capability and drive experience. The AMD engine has been designed for the race cars and the same has been fitted in to the X6.

Sachin   2015-05-05

BMW X6 is a high end luxury SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) and it comes equipped with very powerful engine. Might be because of its height, you are not liking the SUV but the front appearance of the vehicle is very sporty and aggressive, even the rear side of the vehicle is very stylish. Its passenger cabin is very spacious with good number of luxury features and engine is powerful enough to take you above 100 kmph speed jut in 8 seconds.

Adhyan   2015-07-16

After the acceptance of highly tagged premium cars in India, the luxury car makers have been vying to bring something new to win the race to the top in D segment. In a bid to expand footprint in domestic market and cater to a performance fanatic class in India, German auto cos have brought their performance oriented range to India.

Jayesh   2015-08-11

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