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Should i have to worry about maintainence and running cost of BMW X1?

By: Usha on 2014-14-08

7 Answers:

Every Indian buyer would ask two question to all car experts which are How good is the fuel economy and how would he/she need to spend on its maintenance but BMW engineers knows how to attract Indian customers as they figured out earlier and worked hard to provide best in class fuel economy where reasonable maintenance is like extra bonus to the portfolio of BMW X1. The best part BMW created a smart maintenance chart which is easy to understand and follow where all works are explained detailed of why all these works are needed after particular time interval. Most importantly the smart maintenance chart is designed in such a way that both Vehicle and customer wont suffer when it cones to maintenance.

Sonal Gupta     2014-14-08

BMW X1 comes with 2 years of warranty time with unlimited drive kilometers. This SUV comes with a diesel engine and can provide a mileage of 13.0 kmpl and 17.05 kmpl on city and highways respectively. The initial cost of maintenance is reasonable and affordable. The first priority of a luxurious vehicle to mark its place in the Indian market is to be reliable and economical and rising sales of BMW X1 in recent times has proved the efficiency of this vehicle in both segments.

Yash    2014-26-09

Yes you have to get worried about the maintenance cost and running cost of BMW X1. The fuel expenses have been curbed by BMW up to some extent As a SUV X1 gives decent mileage i.e. 17 KMPL over the highways and 14 KMPL inside cities. But the most important part is service cost and spare part cost which is quite higher in case of BMW cars. At least 6-7 lakhs of rupees per year will be spent on the car itself.

Aryan    2015-10-04

I am agree too, The BMW SUV X1 is more like a very expensive piece of engineering to buy as well as harsh to maintain also. The running cost in not that much higher, thanks to the BMW superb 2.0L engine which gives a decent mileage of almost 15 on average. So running cost would not be a constraint all. But one might have to expend some extra bugs for the maintenance activities as the price of spare part is really high as well as labor cost is also higher.

Rahul    2015-23-05

I am agree too, I had a fatal encounter with the BMW dealer in Mumbai, where just for simple insurance claims it took a complete month and I had no option other than funding the repairs and replacements done. I have complained the same with BMW but they haven’t bothered to reply at least. The service reach and cost both will make your you disappointed.

Varsha    2015-30-05

Yes, I am agreeing with the above statement, every time I go for a service, it generally takes almost all the cash that I carry with me and it will be still hungry. If you have to accidently go for a tyre replacement of spare part replacement keep 1-2 Lakhs ready with you. Again the fuel cost I already very big as BMW vehicles rarely gives better mileage. So first pay heavy for buying then fuel expenses will be higher and finally at every service and parts replacement get ready to pay big.

Amani    2015-03-06

I am agree too, I am also an owner of X1, and I have the same complaint as of my other friends are having. The BMW cars are very heavy over your pocket in terms of maintenance and other running costs. According to ARAI the mileage of X1 is 17 kilo meter per liter but in reality it never goes more than 9-10 kilo meter per liter. Each service or parts replacement is really hectic to pay. I have calculated a BMW car or SUV; I have both, each will cost minimum 7 to 8 Lakhs of rupees yearly only on maintenance.

Rehaan    2015-20-06

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