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How good is BMW X1?

By: Pirtesh on 2014-07-08

3 Answers:

What are sports utility vehicle is all about??, then the answered has to be big sized muscular cars with powerful performance with high fuel consumption, but BMW has twisted this thought they introduced BMW X1 reasonable sports utility vehicle with i.e. 2.0litre 1V engine which enough to shows the muscular performance but BMW engineers did there engineering magic and was able to make engine learn who to reduce fuel consumption without compromising the performance. According to my point of view above mentioned characteristics of this car are enough to conclude that "Yes" BMW X1 is the right choice for road trip lovers and i also would like to add that BMW X1's huge fuel carrying capacity allows you travel even more further with full bar mark in the information cluster.

Sonal Gupta     2014-07-08

BMW X1 is the mix bread car of SUV and hatchback but this car does not stand in the class of Crossover also, as this particular car has its own unique presence on road. The moment you enter the cabin of BMW X1 you will find the high class interior design. The steering is placed in perfect shifted position which helps in better inputs. The performance figures of BMW X1 is also acceptable and fuel economy is also very much generous and reasonable. Overall BMW X1 is a decent car to buy.

Lavin    2014-11-12

The level of 'good' this little BMW exhibits is pretty high. It has everything one can look for in a car, it joins the two seas, the performance and the affordability. It has an inline cylinder engine which grunts out a hefty amount of power which can astonish others on the freeway and wont disappoint you on a rough route either. And with such power it also gives a decent mileage thus making it very affordable and favourite of the customers. And add a luxury spacious cabin to all this and voila! you have got yourself a 10 on 10 complete car.

Naveen    2015-11-04

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How good is BMW X1?

Pirtesh    2014-07-08

3 Answers



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