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How good is the suspension of BMW X1?

By: Sandharbh on 2015-13-01

7 Answers:

BMW is known for taking risk by trying to invent new type of vehicles which gives more with less input and so  here it is BMW X1. A car which is mix bread of Sports utility vehicle and hatchback. The BMW X1 requires a  suspension system which is designed to work on rough road conditions and also to run smooth on normal road conditions. So to solve this problem BMW engineers have installed MacPherson Strut suspension on front wheel while Multi-link coil spring is used to complete the suspension system of BMW X1. This kind of suspension system configuration have tendency to with stand against the tough Indian road conditions while the comfortable and adjustable seats also helps suspension to absorb some of the minor shocks which are generally transmitted from wheel to the cabin of BMW X1. Overall the suspension system of BMW X1 is perfect with perfect ground clearance.
Sonal Gupta    2015-13-01

BMW X1 is the entry level premium car from BMW. This car is perfect to drive in city traffic because of pin sharp steering assembly which never delay with the commands of the rider. From last few decades BMW is selling their products in Indian market and they have gained the experience of Indian road conditions as they have modified their many traditional installation, so the engineers of BMW comes out with amazing suspension configuration which includes MacPherson Strut for the front wheel and Multi-link coil spring for the rear wheel and to complete the suspension system. BMW engineers installed some of claddings and mountings which helps in neglecting suspension cranking noises. BMW is well known manufacture which means they only launch products when they pass their every inspection test so do this BMW X1 suspension has passed and results of this suspension is perfect to run on Indian road conditions. According to above mentioned profile BMW X1 have the perfect and firm suspension which is designed with character of being ever ready for road trip.

Kurjan    2015-21-01

According to me the suspension of BMW X 1 is awesome which consist of spring, links and shock ups that are connected to the wheel for smooth ride. BMW X1 has its own type of front & rear suspension which other cars don’t have. It’s the perfect pick for the bumpy roads and ensures safety. These kinds of suspension have the tendency to absorb minor shocks and stand against the road conditions.

Richie    2015-10-06

Well for me the suspension of BMW X1 series is not upto the mark. With the time the suspension shows problem like worn out shock absorbers. The suspensions are low in height and bounce only a couple of times when pressed at the corner. Everytime the springs have to be replaced which is a hectic job. There are various other suspension problems like it getting noisy due to worn out bushings and joints.

Naaz    2015-11-06

BMW is a leader in the car industry, and is known for coming up with innovative cars. The X1 is a blend of SUV and hatchback. The car is fit for all road conditions and drives smoothly. The shocks that can be caused on the uneven roads are absorbed by the superior suspension system, and results in a smooth journey.

Baljeet    2015-14-08

The entry level premium car in BMW is the X1. You can find the pin sharp steering helps in driving the car smoothly in the traffic roads too. The cars pass various inspection test rounds, and the results are enjoyed by the users.

Kalpesh    2015-16-08

The BMW X1 has an awesome suspension, and even minor shocks are absorbed resulting in a smooth journey. There are front and rear suspension systems in the car and they make the car fit for all the road conditions.

Amrinder    2015-18-08

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