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What is the seating capacity of the BMW X1 ?

By: Yashraj on 2015-24-01

13 Answers:

BMW is well known for creating cars which have their own unique driving experience and amazing pleasure of driving, to maintain this character BMW launches BMW X1. BMW X1 is a crossover of hatchback and sports utility vehicle. The cabin of BMW X1 includes so many electronic components which everyone would love to play with like sun roof, climate controller, entertainment system, satellite navigation and lot more. BMW engineers deigned spacious cabin but sadly they only managed to provide space for 5 passengers only including driver but this place for five is very much spacious and roomy with decent leg room and head room to all passenger. The engine powering the BMW X1 gives you the good performance where high class interior built quality gives stunning interior looks and feels very much up market when compare to rivals. BMW X1 is the right car to move easily in city traffic because of BMW advanced steering mechanisms and this car is comfortable in parking due to efficient and accurate parking sensors.
Sonal Gupta    2015-24-01

If you buy BMW X1 then you will definitely face many problems like low ground clearance for SUV class, high fuel consumption with reference to premium hatchback section. The most annoying problem is the weird way of entering in BMW X1 because of low roof line design but still this car able to manage to fit 4 passengers except driver with decent space only and central transmission is leading problems for passenger sitting on the central seat.

Nitin    2015-07-02

According to me, the seating arrangement of BMW X1 is amazing; it can accommodate five adults including the driver. The length, height and width of leg room and head room are spacious irrespective of the average physical dimension of the person. We invest so much in car that’s why we expect everything from car. BMW is designed to give comfort with excellent performance. High class interior comes with satellite navigation, entertainment system etc.

Pushkar    2015-03-06

Well for me interior is most important when it comes to choose a car. Car should give good performance that is mandatory but interior is also equally important. It’s a big size car with space for five adults with decent legroom and head room. I own this car and in love with it. No doubt it has an appealing body that can attract any buyer with all the facilities one wants.

Chulbul    2015-04-06

The BMW X1 series cars are fantastic when it comes to the performance and stylish looks. But what concerns many is the seating comfort. The government offers good interiors, but the space is enough just for 5, and many feel it is tightly spaced. The drive and 4 other passengers can sit comfortably, but for the one in the middle of the back seat cannot enjoy a comfy ride.

Tapasum    2015-19-06

4 passengers and 1 driver can be accommodated in the BMW X1. The roof line is also low, and if the passengers are not tall, this can be a problem. Entering into the car can be weird, and there is an abrupt hump in the backseat. This makes the car less comfortable to travel with all 5 seats packed. The comfortable seating is an issue that you can add to the list of cons like low ground clearance, and high fuel consumption.

Chirag    2015-21-06

The BMW X1 is designed for 5 adults, one seat for the driver is included in the same. While the legroom and headroom can be spacious for all people, even for those who are taller than the average physical sized people, the weird way of entering can certainly be irksome. With all 5, the travel can be less comfortable, especially for the one who sits in the middle of the back seat.

Ranveer    2015-23-06

Many people consider the seating comfort other than anything else in a car, but if you are thinking to buy a BMW X1, then you may not enjoy this. The car can occupy 5 people, no problem with this. 4 passengers and 1 driver, can travel, but not for a longer distance. For the one who is seated between the 2 in the backseat, the space is not right and the back hump is really irritating.

Pushkar    2015-25-06

BMW cars are known for the comfort they offer to both the driver and the passengers. If you are looking for a best BMW car that comes for a low budget, say 25 lakhs, then X1 is the best choice. The car has a spacious cabin and seats 5 people comfortably. There are features like satellite navigation, sun roof, flawless climate controller and decent legroom lets the passengers move comfortably even on longer hauls.

Mikka    2015-28-06

The BMW X1 offers great performance, and along with the driver it allows 5 people to sit comfortably. The cabin is very spacious and has a decent leg room. The high class interiors, are stunning and the materials used are of high quality. Compared with the rivals the features of the X1 are great and unrivaled. This is a blend of sedan and hatchback segment of the cars and the car has safety features too.

Multan    2015-29-06

BMW X1 has certain issues too, and you cannot expect any car to be without any issues. One of the problems is that the roof is low, and you cannot enter into the car with ease. The car lets 4 passengers to travel apart from the driver. The car has decent space for the drive and the passenger in the front seat. But in the rear, a weird bump makes it a hassle to sit.

Aradhay    2015-30-06

Five adults, which includes the driver can sit comfortably in the BMW X1. The car has good amount of height, width and length and one can travel comfortably in the car. Whatever you expect from the car can be enjoyed in the car. You would love the interiors, and the features like satellite navigation, parking sensors, ABS make the car the best buy. The comfort is great when you travel on the uneven roads too.

Sumesh    2015-01-07

Choosing a car by exterior is not a good idea, as you would not travel on the top of it. The interiors play a vital role, and you would love to have a car that has high quality materials used in the interiors. The features available to the passengers like the sun roof, climate controller, satellite navigation all are meant to make the travel hassle free. But this is not only you want, of course seating is important. The car lets 5 adults to travel in comfort, 4 passengers and 1 driver.

Dimesh    2015-02-07

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