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Is BMW X3 good for offroads?

By: Hemant on 9 july 2014

6 Answers:

Offorad is one of the most dangerous motor sport because rider is unaware of track conditions so tackle these roads we need Sports utility vehicle which comes with best in class performance where company of BMW shows the reliability of the product where traction control allows drive to get maximum road grip which is very much use full when you are crossing a hurdle. BMW X3 high ground clearance reduce the burden of continuous breaking. Sometime rider finds itself in situation of non availability of fuel filling station so to over this BMW introduced central mounted huge fuel carrying capacity tank where fuel economy of BMW X3 allows rider to to maximum on every liter of fuel.

Sonal Gupta    2014-07-09

BMW X3 is a perfect luxury SUV and this latest version went through a major overhaul terms in both exteriors and interiors. Some minor technical updates are also provided by the maker to this car. There are two variants in which this car is available inLine and Expedition and both the variants are fitted with a powerful 2.0 liter diesel engine, which comes with a displacement capacity of 1995cc. This engine dishes out a whooping power of 190bhp and a peak torque production of 400Nm. All these technical features make this car a fine vehicle even for off-roading. Its robust body structure and a reasonable ground clearance make it perfect for off-roading.

Rahiman   2014-08-28

BMW X3 as a SAV (Sports activity vehicle) is having great off-road capability, it has proved itself on some of the worst off-road location and the car has been said to be performing at every level. Sometimes you will fell the bumps of the roads but Rear wheel drive and superb suspension will make your experience pleasant. I have taken my X3 several time off-roads even in th ehily areas but it has always proved itself.

Joy   2015-05-09

I am agree as well, BMW X3 is really a great SAV and it has exceptional off road capabilities, I have got a chance to drive my BMW from Bihar to Kathmandu a 600 KM worst roads and hilly areas. But the real test arrives when we decided to take a short cut, which was completely enthralling, and surprisingly there was no road at all. But thanks to my X3, it has taken over to high rough roads of Himayalayan Mountain and never compromised anywhere.

Ashish   2015-06-13

I am agree too, I am a business man I have to travel sometimes to the major rural areas to look at the plots and taking clients to them sometimes, so very often I have to drive through the rough roads and my X3 always gives a pleasure. I was completely shocked when I got couple of scratches due to stupid tree in the way but it wasn’t major, so polishing has taken care of. Now every time I go off-road I take care a lot so that my car won’t get scratches.

Nirbahya   2015-06-19

You are right my dear friend, X3 has exceptional off-road capability but I never take my car to any bumpy off-road as I love my car a lot and can’t see my vehicle getting damaged and getting scratches at all. It has a big scar due to a stupid truck driver once and every time I open the driving door, I see the scar on the gate and its hurts. But due to the work requirement I have to sometimes go to remote locations but now I take a cab or hire a car for doing the same.

F.M.Siddique   2015-06-27

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