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How comfortable is BMW X3 ?

By: Madona on 2 january 2015

8 Answers:

BMW X3 got amazing looks which makes it a head turning sports utility, thanks to its unique and different design. This powerful and good looking Sports utility vehicle have some of the good interior features where leather upholstery and chrome work on the cluster looks which looks really really awesome awesome. The build quality of BMW X3 is remarkable and unbeatable when compared to other cars with this much price tag as the texture looks and feels good. When it comes to the comfort of BMW X3 you will find well designed seats which comes with good quality cushioned fillings which is further supported by refined climate controller which puts extra marks to portfolio of BMW X3. BMW X3 is also blessed with unique entertainment system which will definitely will not disappoint music lovers because this audio unit gives good quality output. If you are a BMW lover and looking for Sports utility vehicle which have good interior and exterior with so many best in class and not so common features then BMW X3 is the perfect choice for you.

Sonal Gupta   2015-01-02

Words like comfort and luxury always comes with product from BMW and there is no doubt that BMW X3 is also a live example. BMW X3 cabin is well designed and shaped to provide maximum cabin space so that all passengers can sit easily, the seats also gets upgrade of better fillings as compared to other cars of this class. Finally BMW X3 is blessed with multi functional central console which is blessed with almost all electronic components which are necessary in everyday life. These small things combine to form BMW X3 a comfortable SUV.

Lakan   2015-01-30

Engineers of BMW consider comfort and safety as a major concern so without any doubt it is a one of the most comfortable cars of BMW brand. Interior as well as exterior look is simply awesome. The seats are designed with high quality cushioned fillings that give huge comfort to the passengers. The entertainment system is also very good so you will not be bored while going for long drive or journey. So, if you are looking for highly comfortable car at affordable rates then you can consider this one also. 

Sonalika   2015-03-05

According to me, comfort is one of the concerns of the buyer when they spend that amount of money to buy a car. I can say BMW X3 series is very comfortable in driving due to unique and different design. For every need there is a solution and with the help of power steering and automatic gear system you will not feel that you are driving a huge sports car.

Mehak   2015-06-07

I also believe on comfort that will surely attract many buyers. If it’s not comfortable then the buyer would not attract to buy this car at the first glance. The leather upholstery and chrome work makes it splendid when compared to other cars of the similar range. The manufacturers don’t hesitate to put extra features like good quality music system, navigation system which are not so common in other segment cars.

Jastin   2015-06-08

Well for me, this is the perfect car and I am in love with this car. I thoroughly enjoy driving this car due to automatic gear system as there is no more worry in gear shifting. Engine is nice and no sound from exterior to make sure that the passenger can sit easily and enjoy the comfortable SUV ride. Manufacturer’s major concern is comfort with safety; this car has sufficient safety system.

Somar   2015-06-09

As far as my opinion is concerned BMW X3 is known for its comfort and performance. No doubt it has an appealing body that can easily attract buyers along with extraordinary features which other segments car don’t have are good quality music system for music lovers and amazing navigation system for enthusiastic travelers. No doubt BMW X3 has cushioned seats with cozy fillings that give huge comfort to the passenger.

Parul   2015-06-10

I am not a car expert but yes I agree with all the people who think that it is an amazing car that deliver great comfort with good performance. BMW X3 is an evolution car with redesigned mirrors and marvelous body color options. Large wheels in the car give the car “sit on your heels” posture. It’s very comfortable and I think well enough for big size family like me.

Yuvraj   2015-06-11

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