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How good is the suspension system of BMW X3 ?

By: Paul on 20 january 2015

7 Answers:

BMW X3 is the game changer in the class of premium sports utility vehicle because of unique luxury and remarkable features. BMW X3 is the best and perfect sporty utility vehicle to drive in city traffic because of efficient and responsive steering and when it comes to suspension of BMW X3 you will find Independent Strut with stabilizer bar and coil spring for the front wheel and Independent multi-link Suspension with stabilizer bar and coil spring for rear wheel to complete the suspension system.  This type of suspension system is perfect to move easily on harsh Indian road conditions where generally many cars suspension fails but thanks to BMW experience who have intelligently matted this kind of suspension system configuration. Overall BMW X3 is very much practical to drive where high ground clearance and suspension system gives decent stability with efficient dip while absorbing shocks and no their doubt that traditional BMW logo is enough to give trust on reliability of BMW X3.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-27

BMW X3 is the most favorite SUV of its class in Indian market. There are tons of places on BMW X3 where every expert would love to give suggestions but when it comes to suspension system of BMW X3 then there is no match with this much effectiveness. BMW X3 suspension system includes Independent Strut with stabilizer bar where coil spring give extra helping hand for front wheel and Independent multi-link Suspension with stabilizer bar and coil spring is used for rear wheel. This suspension system provides perfect shocks damping and also provides good ground clearance for better off road capabilities.

Tushar   2015-01-22

The luxury and the remarkable features of the BMW X3 make it the best SUV. It also offers good utility, and can be used on the city roads. So, you need not worry about getting a car for every day use. The suspension is great, for there is the independent strut, stabilizer bar, and the coil spring. The suspension system is complete, and perfect all roads, even the bumpy roads.

Madhur   2015-06-12

The efficient and responsive system of the BMW X3 makes the vehicle the best SUV. This makes the vehicle the best for the city roads and as well as on the terrains. The independent strut, coil spring for the rear wheel, and the multi link suspension for the front wheel make the suspension system complete. The car is best suited even for the bumpy roads. The system configuration and the suspension are integrated.

Pratibha   2015-06-14

For even the most uneven and the harsh roads, the BMW X3 happens to be the best car. This SUV offers utility too with the matted suspension system configuration. The car has a good suspension and ground clearance. The stability is good, and dip is efficient too. The users of BMW cars can rejoice for the best ride and smooth move with the X3 cars. The steering too is responsive.

Vishal   2015-06-16

The best suspension and the best in class efficiency are offered by the BMW X3 cars. There are hardly any cars that prove to be as efficient as the BMW X3 cars. The independent strut stabilizer, with the coil spring, offers extra aids to the front wheel. To the back wheel there is the multi link suspension with the stabilizer bar and the coil spring. Shock damping is great with this suspension.

Pranjal   2015-06-18

The BMW X3 cars are not only known for the fantastic features, but also for the great suspension. Never ever any competitor has offered a matted suspension system. The suspension system has the independent strut, and for the front wheel the spring coil and bar, with the rear wheel getting the multilink suspension system. Shock proof feature is enhanced by such an efficient suspension system of BMW X3 cars.

Ujwal   2015-06-20

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