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Which is the best variant option for BMW X5?

By: Mohit on 9 july 2014

6 Answers:

BMW X5 only comes with Diesel motor and this motore further have two options to opt for, which are BMW X5 X Drive 30D Expedition and BMW X Drive 30D but it would be not fair to point out which model is best you because both variant of BMW X5 have its own cons and pros and I hardly know anything about your driving taste. The best way to evaluate the right choice is that customers should write all his needs and short comings and make a list of if and compare with both variants of BMW X5 and choose the most closest variant and this method helps some customers to save money as their all needs are fulfilled in low variant option.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-07-09

Well, it’s quite hard to suggest you the best variant option for BMW X5 car because all variants have their own pluses and minuses. This car is available in Diesel motor only that offers two variants, BMW X5 X Drive 30D Expedition and BMW X Drive 30D. While buying any variant, you need to find out their features and compare well. After thorough comparison, decide according to your taste and preferences. 

Bhagwan   2015-03-09

For me BMW X5 xDrive50i is the best, as it is having a very powerful engine capacity f 4395cc, intercooled DOHC valve V-8 engine with aluminum block and head . At this massive engine the vehicle is capable to generate 445 PS power and 480Nm torque which has beenbeen mated with a 8-speed automatic transmission which is impressively capable of generating a best in class mileage of 15-17 kilometer per liter.

Nihaal   2015-04-23

I am quite having the similar thoughts, as far as my BMW is concerned I have a X5 xDrive 30d expedition and I love everything about it. It has good mileage on board, approx 17 kilo meter per liter on an engine of 3.0L which is a 6 cylinder engine which is able to reach a power output of 258 BHP and 560 Nm torque and I am really satisfied with the 3.0L engine so never thought of a 5.0 and paying another 10 Lakhs rupees for the same. So I am more than happy with my BMW.

Rawat   2015-05-09

I feel little differently, if I start counting the money I am spending then I would never be able to buy a BMW SUV, may be a SUV like Mahindra XUV or Tata safari would be a better choice. We are here as we wanted the best available SUV on the earth, so we are looking at BMW. I am a X5 top model xDrive 50d owner and I am really very proud about my car. My BMW is equipped with bet safety and security features like crash sensor, parking sensor, airbags and other great features.

Chetan   2015-05-25

No, that’s not right, I mean if we are getting the same experience at a lower cost what is bad about that. My dear friend if you are thinking that way you should go for a Bentley or Ferrari, why you stopped at BMW. We are actually talking about the same vehicle at a lower cost. It’s all about the requirement of the person, I don’t have to ride over any mountain or terrain and don’t even need to ride it like a jet plane. So I am satisfied with what I am getting in my 30d.

Smakash   2015-06-04

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