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How good is the performance of BMW X5 ?

By: Joni on 14 august 2014

6 Answers:

If you want to go from standing still i.e. 0km/hr to 100km/hr in less than 7 sec then BMW X5 is the right choice for you. This new Avatar of BMW X5 shows some high performance parameters like Maximum Power of 58 breaking horse power with revolution per minute of 4000 where Maximum Torque can reach upto 560 Newton Meter with revolution per minute range of 1500-3000. The best part any experienced driver can run this sports utility vehicle to maximum speed of 204 km/hr where Common Rail Direct Injection Technology allows better fuel combustion which further leads to efficient performance and Four wheel drive technology allows driver to get maximum tracking , no matter what are the conditions of road.To maintain the stability BMW refined the BMW X5 family suspension to avoid stiffness at bumps.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-08-14

BMW X5 is one of the best active sports utility vehicle from BMW. BMW X5 is blessed with powerful engine which have abilities of moving this heavy SUV to three digit speeds in minutes without much efforts from the driver. BMW X5 not only runs fast and quickly but also have ability to hit Zero digit speed which is possible because of refined conventional braking system with new electronic components or technologies like Anti Braking system, brake booster which indirectly reduce the efforts of the driver. Overall BMW X5 have good and serious performance parameters with full reliable braking system.

Panooj   2014-09-10

Nothing can beat the performance of this powerful SUV. Its 3LTR, 6 Cylinder engine can generate the power of 258BHP and 559Nm of Torque. One can easily drive up to 120-160kmph without experiencing discomfort, noise and vibrations on the Indian Roads. The ergonomically placed electric controls enhance the driving experience of any individual. It is among the swiftest SUVs on the roads as it can accelerate up to 100kmph in 7.5 seconds. Its powerful engine can deliver 14-16kmpl of mileage easily.

Mahira   2014-10-09

According to me, this muscular front end of the car with body colored bumpers and fog lights is right choice for me. I drive my car and mostly out of town for business meetings. The SUV gives me luxury, elegance and style that match my desire. It has an immense space that makes the car much going better. I think the overall design and performance of the car is good.

Shamal   2015-06-09

Well for me, power is compared with performance and is most important factor I look for the car when I am spending huge amount of money. Best active sports utility vehicle that produces 350 bhp of power. BMW X5 got outstanding handling and improved stability as compare to other segments of BMW. Apart from the beautiful look the car should deliver good performance. Now, I own this car and I just love it.

Karan   2015-06-11

I believe BMW X5 is perfect on uneven roads. With the help of Dynamic constancy control sensors, they identify premature sign of unsteadiness so that the vehicle is controlled. BMW X5 is ideal mix of beauty with performance and I don’t think anyone would deny on this fact. As I experienced BMW X5 provides maximum protection and full comfort to the passengers during long journeys. No drawback in this car.

Jay   2015-06-12

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