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Which is the best colour option for BMX X5?

By: Pintu on 17 july 2014

4 Answers:

If you are spending around 64-80 lac's then i am damnn sure that perfect colour selection would hit your mind first after all its a huge amount to spend on a car, but to reduce your stress BMW team of designers worked hard to get the perfect colour options which becomes way far more easy to select rather then selecting from million colour options. BMW X5 comes in total of 7 colour options available for BMW X5 which includes Sparkling Bronze,Glacier Silver,Black Sapphire,Space Gray Metallic,Imperial Blue Brilliant Effect,Imperial Blue Brilliant Effect and Alpine White .According to my point of view all colour looks grate on BMW X5.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-07-17

7 colours of BMW X5 car are available in India which include Black, Blue, Bronze, Gray Metallic, Silver and White. Bronze and black have been overdone. in my opinion the white brings out the hidden contours of the car. White or blue. Blue makes the car look very royal. Indian mindsets takes us to white color. It was the most sold color in 2014. Black looks good too. But a car like BMW X5 needs special treatment. I believe blue is the color for you. Though you can choose between Grey mettalic and silver too

Jamesh   2014-07-22

BMW is such a huge and renowned brand that every car from this brand is next to the best. The X5 model from this brand is high end and luxurious SUV. Of course, when you invest in such big luxury, you want to have only the best. When it comes to the color selection of BMW X5, it is always confusing as the designers have come up with the most selective and alluring colors. It mainly comes in 6 Color options which include Sparkling Bronze, Glacier Silver, black Sapphire, Space Gray Metallic, Imperial Blue brilliant effect and Alpine White. BMW X5 of any of these colors is sure to make a solid presence on the road.

Khusboo   2014-08-23

According to me, look matters when you are going to spend huge amount of money. Therefore, company offers seven amazing colors to make your selection easy, these colors include Sparking bronze, Black Sapphire, Imperial Blue Brilliant Effect, Space Gray Metallic, Glacier Silver, Alpine white and Imperial Blue. Designers tried hard to make it an ultimate car in terms of look and elegance. Personally I feel, all colors are beautiful, so you can opt anyone. 

Vikram   2015-02-15

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