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I have an offer for a BMW X5 for Rs. 30Lakhs, Is it worth?

By: Jaseed on 16 january 2015

4 Answers:

Cars like BMW X5 are a class apart from rest of the field and to own one is good opportunity. The interiors are gorgeous as ever and have new memory function and lumbar support for the seats. The rear seats are even more comfortable. The engine is a 3.0L diesel mill producing 278bhp power and a mammoth 559Nm torque which are transmitted to all the wheels by a dedicated system via six speed automatic transmission.
TeamAutoportal   2015-01-16

The ex-showroom prices of BMW X5 cars in New Delhi lies in between 68.90 lakhs to 75.90 lakhs for all variants. If you are having an offer in 30 lakhs, which is, of course, a good offer. However, before getting into any deal, you must make sure that how much the car is driven. Also, note that model year of the car as the company launches the new version in every 3-4 years. If the car is too old, you may lose some very important and new features that the company might have launched during this time.

Natasha   2015-02-05

The ex-showroom price of BMW X5 is around 70lacs and if you are getting an offer for almost 50% of the actual price then it’s a good offer but before making your choice you must check if it is not fraud of cheating. He might give you a car which might not function properly and also slashing off the comfort and dents on the car.

Nandu   2015-05-05

Yeah it’s a good offer as per the present price of the car in the showroom. The condition of the car matters a lot if you are buying this car. you must check the warranty and other required documents before availing it. You might also take it to the service centers for checking if he is not fraud.

Javed   2015-05-07

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