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Why should i buy BMW X6?

By: Neha on 17 september 2014

5 Answers:

When it comes to section of sports utility vehicle then we all know that there are several manufactures in India who all are competing for creating the best sports utility vehicle except BMW. The BMW is already at the spot of creating best in class sports utility vehicle where BMW X6 is perfect example. This particular product form BMW have covered almost all features available in market Where switching between comfort ,Eco and sports mode is just 1 click away. This shows how good and experienced engineers are working for BMW. Overall BMW X6 is the perfect Sports Utility Vehicle who fits almost all fields which are available in industry of automation and being the top most mofdel of X model line up this car have all the features which were available in X1 and X3 but didnt carried their flaws any further.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-09-17

X6 is a fabulous SUV from the german manufacturer BMW. It is perfectly designed to exude a captivating sportier and muscular look. The car has been bestowed with ultra comfortable interiors so that the driver and the passengers do not stress out on long journeys. Equipped with cornering braking control, traction control, dynamic stability control and ABS, the X6 is a perfectly easy car to handle at high speeds ranging between 200 Kmph to 250 Kmph. It has all new generation connectivity and navigation features such as Bluetooth and voice-guided maps etc. All in all, this is a perfect SUV for people who want best performance blended with style.

Zara   2014-10-23

The BMW X6 is an everyday use car with a lot of features and luxurious drive. I personally own the car and I can give you so many reasons for you to go for the car. Such as one of them is the driver comfort. You just won’t get tired.

Naresh Kumar   2015-11-02

You should not. The BMX X6 is just a big car with an even bigger price tag which it is not at all worth of. The car is a total waste of money. I would suggest you to go for some other car of the same segment such as the Audi Q series.

Sourabh Goyal   2015-11-03

This is a great car and I would suggest you not to think too much and go for it. Apart from the awesome comfort and the BMW trademark on it the performance of the car is so awesome that it makes you wanna just jump in the car and run it.

Parmod Dhawan   2015-11-05

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