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Expected Price:

 90.00 Lakh – 1.00 Cr

Expected Launch Date:  Jan 2019 - Mar 2019


Upcoming BMW X7 Variants

  • Diesel (1)
Expected Ex-Showroom Price
2999 cc, AMT, Diesel
90.00 Lakh – 1.00 Cr

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BMW X7 Preview

The BMW X Series models have seen huge success globally for their innovative technology, luxury and high performance factors. The BMW India would be launching the X7 model in near future. The BMW X7 would essentially carry the design cue of the X-Series model and it would be of larger dimensions as compared to the predecessor models. The BMW X7 will feature new headlights with daytime running lights, stylish bumpers, radiator grille, power-adjustable ORVMs and LED tail lamps.BMW X7 Preview

BMW X7 Exterior

The BMW X7 exteriors will be built on the platform of the X5 model with larger dimensions. BMW is going to introduce new headlights for this model, along with new design for the front bumper and the signature-style kidney grilles. The larger dimensions with stylish body contours, aerodynamic shape and larger wheelbase will give it a dominating stance on the road. The rear profile will be at par with the X-Series models with new tail LED lamps, and the stylish spoilers, defoggers and the BMW logo with X7 badging would leave a marvelous image on the road.BMW X7 Exterior

BMW X7 Interior

The BMW X7 interiors will have three-row seats with leather upholstery and interior trims would also be covered with leather upholstery. The driver, co-passenger and middle row seats will have power adjust feature with memory function. The instrument cluster will have the iDrive 5.0 touchscreen display and gesture control, which will use 3D sensors to detect pre-selected hand gestures. The touch control command feature will allow the rear seat occupants to control air conditioning and infotainment system with surround sound system. The BMW X7 will have a large moonroof stretching from the front row to the third row with electric slide and tilt adjust for enjoying the comfort of natural air and light on the go.BMW X7 Interior

BMW X7 Engine & Transmission

The BMW X7 specifications will have the options of 3.0-litre six-cylinder V6 engine and a 4.4-Litre V8 engine delivering power of 320PS and 445PS, respectively. The Hybrid version is also on the cards but not yet confirmed by the manufacturer. The transmission system would feature automatic transmission with drive connected to all wheels.BMW X7 Engine & Transmission

BMW X7 Mileage

The BMW X7 mileage could range at 10kmpl in the 3.0-litre version and 8kmpl in the 4.4-litre version. The fuel economy can vary depending upon the final specifications of the engine, overall vehicle weight and drive mode selection. On an average, a mileage of 8 to 10kmpl can be expected in city and highway driving from the 3.0-litre version and 6 to 8kmpl can be expected from the 4.4-litre version.

BMW X7 Braking and Safety

The BMW X7 braking system will have disc brakes on all wheels, equipped with anti-lock braking system and brake assist system for effective braking. Apart from the superior build quality of the body, the occupant protection system will consist of surround airbags for the driver and co-passenger, curtain airbags for the middle row and third row seats, and driver knee airbag. The safety features of driver alert system, pedestrian protection, emergency brake assist system, and parking assist system with audio and visual cautions would be featured.

BMW X7 Performance and Handling

The BMW X7 performance characteristics would be enhanced with the drive mode selection for Economy, Power, Sport and Sport Plus modes for getting maximum fuel economy or power for racing performance. The adaptive suspension system, traction control system and electronic stability control system will be featured with automatic adjustability of settings matching the drive mode selected. The high-speed driving would be assisted with the superior responsive steering system and controls, head-up display, pedestrian detection system, and driver alert system giving audio and visual alerts to the driver in case of moving away from standard driving.

What do we think about BMW X7?

The BMW X7 would be a class-leading SUV with a magnificent on-road image and high speed performance factors. The spacious interiors with enormous leg space and head room for all occupants, and the luxurious fit and finish would make it a preferred selection as a luxury SUV.

BMW X7 Competitors

The BMW X7 competition would be with the likes of Range Rover, Mercedes GLS and Audi Q Series models. The success of the X-Series models from BMW, the advanced technology used for the drive train, and net level of luxury and comfort features offered would give it an edge over the competing models.

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*All information provided for this model is for reference only. Actual specifications may vary at the time of the car launch

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  • What are the technical differentiation between BMW X7 and BMW X5?

    Dipankar    2019-01-17

    Well, BMW X7 is considered a bigger BMW X5  by millennials because of its mere appearance which proves it as a bigger SUV. The BMW X7 is 203.3 inches in length while BMW X5 is 193.77 inches and as far as width is concerned then BMW X7 is 78.7 inch while BMW X5 is 78.89 inches. While the wheelba...  Read More

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One car model that can make heads turn is the BMW. The BMW X7 is the latest one to roll out of the stables and grace the Indian roads. The BMW X7 car, known for its innovative technology and high levels of performance, carries the design cue of the X-series forward. It is one of the largest of all BMW X-series cars on the roads.


The BMW X7 is one of the few cars that are released simultaneously in many countries. The BMW X7 release date in the USA was October 17, 2018, when the online booking for this exquisite car commenced. The preview of the BMW X7 coincided with the showing of the BMW X7 Concept performance at the 2017 International Motor Show in Frankfurt.


The BMW X7 comes with more advanced features as compared to the other X-series models. It has the similar stylish bumpers and the radiator grille that you see in the X5 model. Driving the brand new BMW X7 is the most fantastic driving experience that one could ever have.


BMW X7 Price in India


The BMW X7 price in India is in the range of INR 90 lakhs to 1 Crore. The all-new BMW X7 is the first generation of the X7 variants.


BMW X7 Specifications


The BMW X7 competes with the other luxurious cars in the market such as the Range Rover, Mercedes GLS and the Audi Q3 Series models. The BMW X7 specifications consist of two options. One is the 3.0-litre 6-cylinder V6 engine with the power of 320 PS whereas the other is a 4.4-litre V8 engine capable of delivering the power of 445 PS. The BMW X7 car comes with the all-wheel-drive automatic transmission system.


When you have such a powerful engine, you cannot expect the highest mileage. The BMW X7 mileage is around 10 kmpl in the V6 engine version while the V8 version delivers a mileage of 8 kmpl. Various factors decide the mileage performance of the BMW X7. The overall weight and the drive mode selection can affect the mileage.  


The BMW X7 comes with all the latest safety measures such as disc brakes on all wheels. The anti-lock braking system and the brake assist system for effective braking are also some of the highlights of this vehicle. BMW always places great emphasis on the safety aspect. Hence, you have surround airbags for the driver and co-passenger. The other passengers also get the benefit of curtain airbags on the middle row and third-row seats. This car comes with an additional knee airbag for the driver. There are other safety features like the driver alert system, parking assist, pedestrian protection, emergency brake assist system and so on.  


BMW X7 Design


The highlight of the BMW X7 is its fantastic exteriors. In many ways, you can compare it with the BMW X5. It explains why people always do the BMW X7 vs X5 comparison. The all-new BMW X7 is a larger version of the BMW X5. Therefore, you have bigger headlights, tail lamps, bumpers and the signature-style kidney grilles. The BMW X7 dimensions are huge, thereby imparting a dominating presence on the road. The new LED tail lamps, the stylish spoilers, the defoggers, and the traditional BMW logo present a regal look to the car. One look at the BMW X7 images can confirm this fact.


The BMW X7 is a big car. The BMW X7 interior images can leave you awestruck. This car has three rows of seats with high-quality leather upholstery. The unique feature of this car’s interiors is that the driver, co-passenger and middle row seats have the power adjust feature with memory function. The iDrive 5.0 touchscreen display is a classic feature of the BMW X7. It comes with a unique gesture control feature that uses 3D sensors to detect pre-selected hand gestures. The rear seat occupants can also control the air conditioning with the touch control command feature. A large moonroof stretches from the front row to the third row to allow the flow of natural sunlight into the car. Adjusting this roof is easy using the electric slide and tilt-adjust system. It allows a steady flow of natural air to freshen up the environment.   


BMW X7 – Remarkable Features


  • Powerful V6 or V8 engine

  • Exquisite exteriors

  • Perfect interiors

  • Exudes class from every angle

  • Extremely safe car

  • Airbags for all passengers


BMW X7 – Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the BMW X7 concept price in India?


The new BMW X7 2019 price in India is in the range of INR 90 lakhs to 1 Crore. It is indeed a luxury car in all respects as is evident from the BMW X7 photos.


2. When is the BMW X7 India launch date?


The BMW X7 launch date is any time between January 2019 and March 2019.


3. Does the BMW X7 have a diesel engine or a petrol engine?


The BMW X7 has a diesel engine. The BMW X7 diesel engine comes in two variants, the 1V6 and V8. Both these engines are powerful and can deliver power in the range of 320 PS and 445 PS, respectively.


4. What does the BMW X7 review say about the performance of the car?


The BMW X7 is a powerful car in all respects. It is a wonderful experience driving this car on the roads. Handling the car is easy as it comes with an automatic transmission system. You can use the different drive mode selections such as Economy, Power, Sport and Sports Plus to get the optimum racing performance.   


5. Which cars are the immediate competitors to the BMW X7?


The BMW X7 is a luxury car of the highest degree. It competes with the likes of Mercedes GLS, Range Rover and Audi Q3.


6. How does the BMW X7 compare with the BMW X5?


It is natural for people to make the BMW X7 vs BMW X 5 comparison because of its similarity in its looks and performance; however, BMW X7 is a bigger and more advanced version of the BMW X5.


7. What is the USP of the all-new BMW X7?


The BMW X7 roof is the USP of this magnificent car. The roof stretches from the front row to the third row. You can operate the roof electrically from inside. The tilt-adjust system allows a fresh draught of air and ambient sunlight to bathe the interiors.


8. Is the car as high as the BMW X7 pics show?


Yes, the BMW X7 dimensions are larger than the BMW X5. It is a tall vehicle capable of dominating the Indian roads. No wonder, it makes heads turn whenever you see it on the streets.


9. What is the significance of the driver alert system?


The BMW X7 has the state-of-the-art safety systems. One such feature is the driver alert system. It gives audio and visual alerts to the driver if it senses that the car is moving away from the standard procedure of driving.


10. What is the BMW X7 mileage performance?

The BMW X7 with the V6 engine delivers a mileage of 10 kmpl whereas the V8 engine delivers a mileage of 8 kmpl.