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By: Giriraj on 17 october 2014

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BMW installed an unique engine which one of its own kind which is 3.0-litre 306bhp 24V Petrol Engine this engine can produce a maximum Torque units of 400Nm@1300-5000rpm with massive engine displacement of 2979 cc where 7 speed gear transmission is so perfectly mated that you hardly feel the gear changes and to improve the overall performance efficiency the six cylinder engine are powered with direct injection technology which not only burns fuel completely but also reduces emission of green house gasses and reduce the working efforts of catalyst sensor in intake manifold.BMW also shifted driver train to rear wheel in order to get better control while turning.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-10-17

BMW Z4 is truly a master piece from the company. It is a mind blowing vehicle; be it the eternal exterior appearance or be it the impeccable interior cabin. It is the best car I have ever driven. With reliable branding of BMW, it has best quality in each section like engine performance, looks, ride quality, comfort etc. Also, it has the most trustworthy security system and safety features like ABS, Stability control, Knee airbags, front-impact airbags etc. to mention a few. So, in my opinion, who won't pay for such a contemporary technology. That's why, BMW Z4 is not only a good car, but an amazing one for sure.

Sukmani   2014-10-30

The question is highly unspecific but still I will answer it any ways. The BMW Z4 is in itself the best car ever made and overall it is just great. However there are just a few downsides to it such as the mileage figure and the 2 seater arrangement only.

gautam yadav   2015-01-12

The BMW Z4 is a mid range super car according to me. The Performance and the speed along with its comfort makes it one of the best cars ever made. This car is just totally awesome and I would love to have it. I just wish I had enough money to buy the car.

ninja chand   2015-01-13

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