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How good is the suspension system of BMW Z4 ?

By: Madhuk on 13 january 2015

2 Answers:

According to me if you can invest around 70 lakhs on a single car then you should nto worry about suspension system. The suspesnsion system of BMW Z4 or of any car of this segment is built to give best of riding pleasure at high speeds, none of the premier car manufacturers thought of tackling pitholes with those low height set of shockers. So you should keep in mind that the cars like BMW Z4 are designed to show good performance parameters. So if you want to drive this car on Indian road conditions then you might need brake more than acceleration. However the suspension system of BMW Z4 includes MacPherson Strut for front wheel and Multi-link coil spring for the rear wheel. In a nutshell BMW Z4 is not designed to meet tough road conditions but if you are an experienced rider then you can easily drive BMW Z4 on almost all drivable roads.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-13

BMW Z4 is the amazing and fun loving convertible to drive and owe one. This convertible also owns the Crowne of being the best car for two passenger to sit. There should be no doubt that this car is well designed to run on smooth roads or if we elaborate it as this convertible can perform better on race tracks. According to me if someone can buy BMW Z4 then that individual will definitely take his car to rural areas but still if he needs to go those places then he should probably be a well experienced driver because the ground clearance of BMW Z4 is low as compared to other car and when it comes to suspension system then that individual should not worry a lot because. Engineers from BMW installed MacPherson Strut on the front wheel and Multi-link coil spring for the rear wheel to complete the suspension system.

Atif   2015-01-21

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