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What are the features available for easy handling of this car?

By: Gopala on 1 february 2015

8 Answers:

As a driver of sports car, you are surrounded by all comfort and entertainment feature. You are provided smooth operating pedals, perfect seating position with electrically adjustable features. All controls are provided at steerign wheel and within reach of the driver. You get each and every information needed for efficient driving. Right from distance between your vehicle and the vehicle following you to gauging distance for the vehicle you are following. Superb quality of braking assures complete stoppage of car at minimum timing and distance from the time of application of brakes.

TeamAutoportal   2015-02-01

The handling of BMW Z4 has been made so smooth that it never let its user have any issue. It offers smooth operating pedals, perfect seating position with electrically adjustable features. The steering wheel is loaded with all controls within the reach. The central console has all the necessary equipments, especially the speedometer and other functional keys, which caters to get a smooth operation. A robust braking system, which has ventilated disc brakes, assures instant braking and saves you from any causality. The adaptive M suspension mechanism keeps it well-balanced and provides a comfy driving experience.

Kalish   2015-02-07

I believe this car is pretty much easy in handling due to the navigation system with an optional touch screen display. Z4 is fastest among all the other cars of the similar segment. It is powered by 2.0 litre turbocharged engine which produces 400Nm of torque. It is a blend of performance and looks. Every day running cost is little high but manageable if you in love with BMW Z4.

Gautam   2015-06-03

If you are looking for the best car that has lots of comfort, and when you need entertainment features, then you need to go for the BMW Z4. The operating pedals are great, and the car has best electrical features. The steering wheel is easy to use for the driver, which makes driving and handling more comfortable. The braking is perfect, and the brakes are easy to operate and the cars stop the moment you step on the brakes.

Harpreet    2015-06-18

The car is smooth to handle, and the users will never have an issue, and Z4 is known for the handling perfectly. The electrically adjustable features are great, and this is what many love about the car. There are lots of controls in the steering wheel, and it is easy to handle and drive the car for the very reason. The driving experience is comfortable, and the adaptive Msuspension makes the wheel more balanced.

Harshdeep   2015-06-20

The navigation system and the touch system of the car are examples why the car can be easy to handle. This is one of the cars that is fastest in the segment. The car is powered by the 2.0 liter turbo engine. The car produces a torque of 400 NM. The car has tools that lead to best performance. The running costs are higher, but still manageable. The looks too are great.

Deep   2015-06-22

The handling of the car is pretty much easy. The car has an optical screen with touch features. The car has higher running costs. But it is a fast car, and the brakes can be reached smoothly. Even when you are on the top speed, you can apply the brakes easier and faster. The engine is new, and can let you move faster and easier. Additionally the car also scores in segments of looks and interiors.

Hirender   2015-06-24

A car that would be easy to handle even on the higher speeds and the lower speeds is the BMW Z4. It is easy to apply brakes, and the engine is powerful. You can see that the controls are on the steering and the driver can find the car easy to operate. The pedals are also easy to operate. Using the car on all roads is fun. The steering and handling are great too.

Arjun   2015-06-26

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