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Expected Price:

 19.00 – 22.00 Cr

Expected Launch Date:  Jan 2019 - Sep 2019


Bugatti Chiron Preview

For lasting for around a decade, Bugatti has decided to bid adieu to the ageing Veyron. In its itinerary of 10 years, the supercar has had as many as 30 special editions. Bugatti is preparing to come up with its next supercar, ‘Chiron’, pronounced shir-on, this upcoming supercar will get into the shoes of Veyron. Auto enthusiasts opine that the new offering with be launched globally around 2016. Supposed to be lighter the Chiron will get more power under the hood and is likely to be more agile. Apparently the auto giant will work on the few shortcomings Veyron had, hence trying to make Chiron a perfect supercar. Expected to be built on the current carbon-fibre platform, the new Chiron will inherit just eight per cent of components and one of them would be the potent w-16 quad turbocharged engine. It has also been learnt that the mighty powertrain will receive comprehensive update hence making it more efficient.Bugatti Chiron Preview

Bugatti Chiron Interior

Bugatti Chiron Interior

Bugatti Chiron Engine & Transmission

As mentioned above the new supercar will get the same w-16, quad, turbocharged engine, but it will be heavily tweaked. Additions made could include a direct injection, there will be four turbos inside the engine out of which two could run electrically. This will in turn help to reduce turbo lag dramatically. As for the power produced, it going to be humongous around 1500 HP. On the performance front we expect Chiron to surpass Veyron.Bugatti Chiron Engine & Transmission

Bugatti Chiron Mileage

Nothing concrete has emerged on that front, but it is likely to yield poor mileage.

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Bugatti Chiron Mileage

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Customer Questions and Answers

Customer Questions and Answers (3)

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  • What is the price of Bugatti Chiron in India?

    Rahul bedwal    2018-05-13

    The ex-showroom Delhi prices of Bugatti Chiron Sport and Chiron W16 are 21.2 crore and 19.2 crore respectively as on 30.11.2018.   Read More

    1 Answer     Post an Answer
  • What is the price of Bugatti Chiron?

    Abhiraj    2018-05-02

    The expected price of Bugatti Chiron is Rs. 19-20 crore (ex-showroom Delhi)   Read More

    1 Answer     Post an Answer

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Bugatti Chiron - FAQs


1. What is the mileage offered by Bugatti Chiron on Indian highways?

Bugatti Chiron is one of the most powerful sports cars ever to make its debut in India. It runs on petrol and offers a mileage of up to 6 kmpl on highways. The actual mileage that you may get depends on the traffic conditions and road conditions in your city.


2. Tell me more about the engine of Bugatti Chiron?

Bugatti Chiron is powered by a massive 8.0 Litre quad-turbocharged W 16 engine that generates a power of 1500 PS and a torque of 1600 Nm. The engine comes with an automatic transmission system and is available in a petrol variant only.


3. What about the acceleration of Bugatti Chiron? How long does it take to reach from 0-100 kmph?

Bugatti Chiron is a performance car powered by a massive 7993 cc engine. It takes only 2.5 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 kmph under standard driving conditions.


4. What is the top speed that I can achieve with Bugatti Chiron?

Bugatti Chiron offers you the maximum speed of up to 420 kmph. Yes, that’s right, 420 kmph! This being said, you must ensure you adhere to the speed limits applicable in your city while enjoying driving this performance car.


5. How much do I need to pay for Bugatti Chiron?

There are only two variants launched by the company for Bugatti Chiron powered by the same engine. The sports car is available at a whopping price range of Rs. 19 to 22 Crore, ex-showroom Delhi.


6. Please suggest any other cars that can compete with Bugatti Chiron in terms of performance?

Bugatti Chiron is an engineering masterpiece, which is one of a kind. This being said, there are a couple of cars that can compete with Bugatti Chiron, and they are Koenigsegg Agera RS and Hennessey Venom GT.


7. I have heard that Bugatti Chiron would be a limited edition only. Is it true?

Yes, Bugatti has specified that it would be manufacturing only 500 of these Bugatti Chiron cars. So, if you are interested in buying one, you need to get in touch with your nearest dealership soon. There is only one dealership of Bugatti in India at present, in New Delhi.


8. How many travellers can sit in the Bugatti Chiron?

You must remember that Bugatti Chiron has been designed for racing and performance. So, you cannot look into the practical aspects to much. There is provision for seating only two travellers in the car.


9. Is there any option of diesel variant in Bugatti Chiron?

No. At the moment, Bugatti Chiron is available only in a petrol version that has two engine variants, and both come with automatic transmission. There are no possibilities of a diesel engine as of now as the company has stated that it would be producing only 500 units of this car.


10. What are the safety features incorporated in Bugatti Chiron?

Bugatti has incorporated some of the best safety features in Bugatti Chiron, making it one of the safest passenger cars. Some of the major safety features available in the car are ABS, EBD, parking sensors, central locking, speed-sensing auto door locks, airbags, anti-theft alarm, tyre pressure monitor and many more.

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