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Bugatti Veyron

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 11.37 Cr*

*Ex-Showroom Price in New Delhi


Bugatti Veyron Key Features

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  • The hardest accelerating production car on Earth
  • Stylish and fully-loaded cabin
  • Highly customizable


  • Outrageous pricing
  • Limited boot space
  • Poor rear visibility

Bugatti Veyron Price List

‘You own a Bugatti or you just settle for a car’. Any fan of Bugatti would utter these same words probably because the brand itself is a legend. And another remarkable car created by Bugatti is th . . .  Read more»

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Bugatti Veyron Specifications

Variant name Mileage
Fuel Economy claimed by the manufacturer, generally quoted in KMPL (Kilometres Per Litre) format.
Common term 'Gear System', essentially a mechanism that transmits power from the engine to the drive shaft.
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Features/equipment in an automobile that ensure safety of passengers as well as pedestrians.
Ex-Showroom Price
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16.4 Grand Sport 5.2 kmplAutomatic7993 ccABS, Airbags 6, Child Safety Locks 11.37 Cr *

*Ex-Showroom Price range in New Delhi

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Bugatti Veyron Reviews (11)

wow what a car!

Overall rating: 5 Reviewed By: Rajat Kothari (Guest) on 15 September 2015
i think it is stil available to buy..and not discontinued? not sure but why did bugatti discontinue this?  Read More »

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Bugatti Veyron Overview

‘You own a Bugatti or you just settle for a car’. Any fan of Bugatti would utter these same words probably because the brand itself is a legend. And another remarkable car created by Bugatti is the Bugatti Veyron. Touted as the fasted street legal production car in the world with top speeds reaching as high as 431.072 kmph for the Super Sport version while the same for the regular version is equally amazing at 408.47 kmph.
Bugatti Veyron Overview
Normally these figures would wait till the individual specifications are being reviewed but in the case of Bugatti Veyron it is the heart and soul of the nation and not covering it in the overview itself just does not seem right. The interesting part about the car and its name speaks a lot about what Bugatti stands for and how it is as an automobile company. The name apparently comes as an honour to Pierre Veyron a Bugatti development engineer and also a race car driver for Bugatti who won the coveted 24 hours of Le Mans. The level of importance the company gives to its people and its heritage is indeed commendable. The car comes with an impressive 8 litre engine and there is no denying in stating that there is nothing like a Bugatti Veyron in the world, at least not right now.

Bugatti Veyron Exterior

Exteriors of Bugatti are way too wonderful to be described as any other simple car. The vehicle is offered with fluidic design that seamlessly extend throughout the design area. The front fascia features brilliant grille that is subtle as a small door to a castle. The air vents are positioned under the headlamps and the muscular body of the vehicle is amplified in the rear section with its unique aerodynamic body frame.
Bugatti Veyron Exterior
The car looks like a car from the future due to its sleek design that speaks volumes about the efforts put on the vehicle for years. The crest line runs uninterrupted from the hood to the 1.21 m high roof as a homage to the Veyron’s forebearers. The hand enabled Bugatti symbol on the vehicle amplifies the visual beauty and gives a complete harmony in the vehicle design which can hardly be replicated by any other vehicle at least no time soon.Bugatti Veyron Exterior

Bugatti Veyron Interior

Everything about a Bugatti is exotic and exciting. The vehicle comes with interiors so grand and pious that they transport us to another world altogether. The steering wheel is well designed and the dash in the middle is offered in slight chrome lining helping it stand out as a futuristic cockpit. This satin aluminium finish of the handcrafted centre console gives the car what it stands for, elegance and grandeur.
Bugatti Veyron Interior
Every single corner and turn of the vehicle are offered as a work of art rather than a work of engineering. With every individual element such as the GPS, rear view mirror, music system, all fall in sync with each other. In the spirit of a true high profile car and a prospective spy vehicle, the navigation system with OLED display is offered in the rear view mirror of the vehicle. The interiors have beautifully crafted leather seats that are ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort. Bugatti Veyron Interior
Spacious leg room and head room as a whole help the vehicle fulfil these usual requirements. With excellent craftsmanship, the vehicle is a pure delight in everyway perceivable.

Bugatti Veyron Engine & Transmission

Bugatti comes with an innovative 8 litre engine that has a whopping 16 cylinders and four valves per cylinder. Redefining this very belief, Bugatti created the Veyron. The engine is capable of offering 987 bhp of maximum output at 6000 rpm and the maximum torque the vehicle can attain is a whopping 1250 Nm at 2200 rpm. Hitting a top speed of 407 kmph, the vehicle is the best thing that happened to automobile engineering. Every now and then there has to be a car that is ready to challenge the conventional limits of an automobile and rise above all of them and Bugatti Veyron does just that. The car comes with a 7 gear DSG gearbox.

Bugatti Veyron Mileage

Average is certainly not something Bugatti excels in and understandably so. Because it is designed to be a high performing vehicle and not a highly fuel efficient one and it does the former stupendously. The car offers a mileage of 2.47 kmpl mileage in town and a combined mileage of 4.15 kmpl. The car emits 960 gms of CO2 per kilometre. However there is another interesting aspect about fuel when it comes to Bugatti. It does not use the regular Petrol or Diesel fuels and rather settles for Suepr lead free 98 RON/ROZ.Bugatti Veyron Mileage

Bugatti Veyron Braking and Safety

Bugatti Veyron offers an exceptional braking system that has its roots in the lightweight design and simple construction. With anti lock braking system, brake assist, engine immobiliser, clutch lock, crash sensor, door ajar warning, engine check warning. The car also offers airbags to the passengers in apt locations so as to ensure maximum security under any conditions.

Bugatti Veyron Performance and Handling

Bugatti reaches 100 kmph mark in 2.5 seconds. That’s it. That is all that is needed to explain about the performance of the vehicle. But there is another aspect of performance that needs an equally important coverage. The handling of a vehicle, the stability it maintains at those high speeds is the real question in automobile engineering. Bugatti Veyron is reportedly the first super sports car which offered a guaranteed functionality of Electronic Stability Program at all the speeds and this apparently is tested and approved by some of the most exceptional race car drivers. The haldex clutch, the front axle gearbox with articulated drive shafts and the double wishbone suspension all in all make the vehicle a delight to run on the roads. Even an aspect as trivial as the tires are designed as high speed tyres with the PAX run flat system that is developed by Michelin exclusively for Bugatti Veyron. The Veyron comes with all wheel technology that includes rear transverse lock and centre lock that is fully variable. The centre lock moment is of 1720 Nm while that of the rear transverse lock is 1800 Nm.

What do we think about Bugatti Veyron?

A true ode to automobile engineering in particular and engineering in general, Bugatti Veyron is not an easy buy. If one has loads of cash and ready to spend on a car, instead of going for a Ferrari or Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron is a more unique purchase. It is what we wish the future of automobiles should be like.

Bugatti Veyron Competitors

None. Bugatti Veyron might have a few competitors in the form of Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari Enzo in terms of exclusivity but at core, the complete package that Bugatti Veyron is, nothing can be compared to it.

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